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Brandon Barrett

Sell the team , no one cares anymore.

Chris Wink

Get him out of here

Chris Wink

Him and Quinn


Yukon Cornelius talking out his bung hole. Sucked the life right out of the Lions faithful fans.

Dz Nutz

Multiple home loses usually mean end of season firing…just watch.

    Nickolas Aaron

    Fingers crossed

    Frederick Belak

    Nope,in the Detroit Lions world,it means a big contract extension and pay raise.SOL.

    Dz Nutz

    Frederick Belak I seen it during Fontes, Mooch, Marienelli, and Schwartz’s tenures. Something is imploding this off season. Trust me.

    Dz Nutz

    I predict Packers McCarthy as coach.

John Stickney

Can’t get mad when we don’t have any starters. And a bum QB

Frederick Belak

After a final loss to Green Bay at home 62 to 7
Matt Patricia.
Folks,did you see what I saw in this game.?
With this team?
Haven’t I Been telling you it’s the process,the process?
That we are building a foundation here.
A solid one that is getting ever closer to seeing a winning championships franchise here?
A team that fights hard,believes in each other,is tough and never gives up?
Well,you saw the success of what I am building,what I just described,in this game today.
At this point,barely able to keep from tearing up,the often mentioned genius of NFL football,with the pencil in his ear to prove it,pointed to the Lions after falling behind 62 to 0 with only a minute left in the season,refused to give up and against by that time,facing green bay fans as the opposing team,Green Bay having taken out their players for playoffs,somehow didn’t quit,showed faith in the coach,team and city and stormed down the field to score a touchdown in the last minute,scoring as time expired.
Thus,showing their grit and determination and avoiding a shout out.
And giving all Lions fans real hope that the process Matt has brought to the Lions,will carry over to next year,with big results and wins.
Yes,indeed,as any reasonable objective person can see,Matt has delivered.
After all,Matt himself has set the new standard for the same old Lions.
Don’t worry anymore after 63 years about the record.
Don’t worry about last place finishes in your division anymore.
Or even always falling short of division titles or one and out in playoffs,as your best hope.
No,your team,isn’t what the record shows you to be.
Neither 6-10 or 3-12-1
Or best 5-10-1
No,it’s what you feel you are and know you are.
So it’s no longer just knowing your great,as in the past.
Why settle for that?
No,we really are the best no matter what are record says we are.
In fact we are Super Bowl champions.
There,no longer any more falling short in biggest games or losing seasons to hold us forever back and frustrated.
No,we now can just say we are champions.
Standings and records be dammed.
Bring back Matt back next year.
Are you kidding me?
Mrs Ford should be holding a ticket tape parade for the ages,in downtown Detroit for him.
See you next year,as you win it all again.

    Twentykixx _

    Frederick Belak with all that being said, the team looked poised to have a better run of it this year as well. They started the year decent and actually had great games against Kansas City outright, but couldn’t hang on. However the game against Green Bay was a travesty. Those calls and the hard failure of that game because of league officiating and bias killed this team’s momentum and that’s the truth. Which brings me to my point of this reply to you. I also like Matt P. and hope he will be successful, but how can you motivate a team that has no backing from the ownership? Is constantly being subjected to deficits from the league biasing through officiating? This has been a common problem over the years. If the team had owners that gave a sh!t and cried fowl through the owners streams, this sh!t doesn’t happen. The Lions are owned by a dead ship after the GM. Until the Lions get satisfactory and equality in the league this team will continue to fail. New ownership would drive the league to stop the ridiculous calls and biasing because we have a small following, which is because of a crappy league and it’s cronies. The Lions new ownership would demand equality to be profitable and the days of percentages as the goal instead of victories will ebb. I have been a Lions fan from day 1, but I cannot watch this team get butchered every year because of league inequality that’s frankly rampant for those teams with large fan bases that garner larger TV numbers that equates to commercial $$’s. It’s truly sickening to watch it happen and then not have the ownership step up and cry foul when it’s so brutally evident. The NFL can suck a big one! And is the reason they’re losing viewers. It’s not about the athletes anymore, or the game, it’s about the commercials and monetary proliferation of the greed in everything we deem as worthwhile in this placated society. Look at the politics, it’s nothing more than a drama series. WTF!

    frank zappa

    From our standpoint

Julius Caesar

REBOUND, “REBOUND”!!! Try winning a game!!! This is the worst I have seen the LIONS in a VERY long time. At least they got to the play offs with Jim Schwartz!!!

Save Ferris

Hire Ron Rivera!


    At least to coach the defense wow!! I haven’t seen such a bad defense in a long time


The players quit playing for him after the Packers/officials game. The coach needs to go but he isn’t alone, if tge players are alright losing consistently they can go too.

Tracey Jacques

Things need to change on every level!! I do disturbed right now!!! Common get it together!!!🧐🥺

Therealmoesteppin Pacely

When a team is having multiple injuries every week you may have to look at conditioning but I think the coaching staff is using these injuries as an excuse putting everybody on the IR and it might want to make you think are they tanking

Owen Davison

I’m boycotting the team til they start winning

frank zappa

The Lions culture has broke him.
They come in wanting to change the culture but the Lions culture changes them instead.

Jerry W

Fire this buffoon, he doesn’t even realize he says the same thing after every loss. Go back to New England hell go anywhere just GO.

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