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Matt Patricia on preparing for the Buccaneers

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about fixing fundamental errors and getting ready to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Hatchet Jack

More like Preparing to LOSE again, Dress like Rag bags, Lions Organization Sucks for the past 60 years….Yet fools drive o Ford Field and pay $$$$ ?

Nick Donabedian

FIRE THIS FRAUD OF A COACH AND HIS FRAUD OF A GM BUDDY! Quinn inherited this teams best players and Patricia inherited a team regularly in the playoff hunt. Since the Lions paired these two up together the team has only gotten worse. They will try and talk about: how “competitive and close they are to wins”, how “injuries deflated our talent”, how “this team doesn’t give up”, and how “it’s a process to build what we’re building.” Don’t listen to those excuses as they try and save their jobs. It’s obvious they won’t be able to obtain the success they sold in and that this team isn’t where it should be. Please for your fans (who you have given nothing to btw) fire these jokes and at least give us some sort of hope again.

    MC GB

    @Scott McClellan Okwara has a 60 pass rush grade. Kennard 64. You know NOTHING. Davis is rarely ever sent on blitzes. Okwara is a waste of space he is fucking garbage.

    MC GB

    @Scott McClellan now after i debunked your argument what else are you gonna convince yourself about this fat fucks defense

    traveion woodson

    Scott McClellan best players???? He didn’t draft Mathew stafford.


    Scott McClellan Lol you always in the comments section defending Matt Patrica. I seen you being all buddy buddy with deer goes mobby. Just respect others opinions and not write 3-4 paragraphs trying to convince others your reasons. The majority knows Matt Patrica is a bad head coach.


    MC GB Don’t pay attention to Scott. Dude is a “know it-all” who is old from what he says I’m 30 years old but I’m not sure if that makes me near his age or not lol. But he’s been bickering with every lions fan that wants Patrica fired or if we blame the horrific defense scheme. He will use a weak excuse saying it’s injuries lol.

Cad Bane

Fore Paul Pascquloni!! Keep patricia for 1 more year!

Scott McClellan

“We have 2 things, We’ve Got the Game and we’ve got each other” The words of a brilliant Man that actually “Gets it”


    Scott McClellan Wrong again dumbass

Mike K

No one watching the video but to the Lions Organization….. I hope the stands are empty. Tired of Lions losing stop watching.


Yeah do what you do best Detroit TRY and Win meaningless games at the end of the year when there year is already LOST… No Playoffs lol so why not win so you screw yourselves out of high draft picks… What a joke of an organization

Erick Dorsey

Getting ready to help the bucs a chance at the playoffs

Kevin Nixon

There’s always next year…
And the year after that…
And then the year after that…
And another couple decades after that…

traveion woodson

Looks like Matt Patrishhhsa is stress eating. He look 20 pounds heavier



That’s the Patroit Way!!

Sean Von Tersch

At this point it would be best to just lose out and go after draft picks. Leave Stafford out for the rest of the year, trade off people and go after Chase Young and come back next year with a scary D-Line (Young/Daniels/Flowers/Hand). Or Lions it up and win out the season. Patricia may get one more year but Paul Pepperoni is gone.

Jerry W

Why prepare for this game they haven’t prepared for any game yet?

Bryan Smith

He answers questions as poorly as he coaches. Just starts going before he actually thinks and then just repeats himself over and over. The defense gets burned over and over and yet nothing changes-DO NOT LET THIS MAN WASTE YEARS OF PLAYERS CAREERS


We got a couple holes to fix. Offense, defense, and head coach.

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