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Matt Patricia on preparing for Denver Broncos

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about practice updates and the logistics in preparing for the Week 16 matchup in Denver.

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Anthony Gonzales

Let’s go LIONS

    traveion woodson

    Anthony Gonzales go where ??? 😂 playoffs??????

Onmi 07

Please loose

Onmi 07

We need the number 2 pick



    Mommy Dolly



They actually prepare? God, can’t this season be over already! And seriously Mrs Ford. Your head coach is the representative for the team. Have him dress like it! Look professional dude! If I showed up for my job looking like that no one would take me seriously.

    Mommy Dolly

    Come on man i can understand him being criticized about his coaching but his appearance now your reaching! First it’s his beard then it’s his weight now it’s the way he dresses! LOL we’ll look at Bob Quinn he dresses professional and he SUCKS #fact

    Mommy Dolly

    Your reaching…first it’s his weight then it’s his beard now it’s how he dresses! Look at Bob Quinn he dresses professional and he blows!!!

russell raap jr

Stafford is done for good, let Blough get some progression this season so he can take over the team next year to maintain Detroit mediocrity.


Afore he leaves, which will be around mid year 2021 when we’re 1-7 thanks to the Fords, I want somebody ta jam that pencil right through one ear and out the other.


Well you and Bobby can get off your knees now. You guys got one more year. Better make the playoffs and win! I hope I am wrong and you guys actually field a playoff caliber team with a playoff win to back it up. If not, don’t let the door hit you guys in the butt on your way out. I would love Ozzie Newsome as your replacement Mr. Quinn.

paul nunez

im glad he has a hydration gameplan all laid out but he has no clue how to stop drew lock and they left out the i on his diet hat


“Do you prepare for the altitude out there?” …. “yeh, I”m full of hot air.”


3:44 Muscles…By the way this guy clearly takes care of himself, I would think his players are in tip-top condition 💪

Stirling Larson

Pathetic tbh this reminds me of the 0-16 season

    traveion woodson

    Stirling Larson they going 0-16 next year

traveion woodson


Anthony L


Scott McClellan

Calling it again, Have no idea IF BQ can pull it off but listen to how Coach is talking about Simmons….Tell me he wont be on our radar in FA for about 13 mil next year….hope we pull it off.

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