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Matt Nagy on victory against the Vikings

Head coach Matt Nagy addresses the media following a Week 17 victory against the Minnesota Vikings.

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Jeff Adams

One of the positives of this season is that we won 4 out of 6 in our division.


    @QuickSetUp01 Its sad that people like you embrace losing and fear winning


    J P did you forget we beat the Vikings starters at home this year?


    @PNW VLOGS Vikings 3rd stringers manhandled the bears LMAO

    Evan Device

    @I’m Awesome didnt we beat minn last game last yr with our bac ups? Whats the difference

    I'm Awesome

    @Evan Device I simply said it was a meaningless game in which the Vikings played their backups and not to put much stock in the win. I see Bears fans are really salty about this season and missing the playoffs.


You’re a head coach for a reason.


    What’s that reason again? Because his track record before being hired was NOT stellar.

    Joey Roberts

    swiftslick what?

    brian lane

    pace reaching for someone AGAIN with no talent and no EXPERIENCE at their respected position. PLAYERS AND COACHES


Loosing That charger game a Be hunting the bears come playoffs


    @Electric exactly. I have a feeling that a lot of these offensive issues is a result of not playing in the preseason. It’s the little things that Nagy needs to understand. The chargers game he didn’t know that Piñero preferred the ball to be placed in the middle or on the right hash and he ended up missing the kick. Not saying everything would’ve played out the same but missing those small things compounded and potentially costed us this season.


    @The Great One if we make the fg in the chargers game and dont get a bullshit roughing the kicker call in the raiders game when a raiders player pushed our guy into the kicker we make the playoffs

    Star Destroyer

    Ya I was at that game

    Star Destroyer

    And the win that close game vs the raiders

    Yoshibro 456

    Going on a 4 Game losing streak Sum’s up our season


Cut Leno Jr. Worst player on this OL and when I watch him play I turn into EDP445


    Keifer Woods Yup. But if he got paid to fall and block air and sometimes block his own teammates he would be a stud lmao

    Keifer Woods

    Shadow458230 😂 idk why he hasn’t been cut yet


    @Keifer Woods that contract they signed him to. He’ll be back next year

    Keifer Woods

    Bearsfan131 that wouldn’t be bad if he would play like he did in 2018


    @Keifer Woods yea hopefully he will, we will find out

Emperor Penguin

I dont want to see Leno in a Bears jersey ever again

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @J Dolo most likely

    J Dolo

    @Banquet Meal i agree. You act like i didnt say fire naggy. No coach shouod ever have that problem especially an offensive minded one who has more talent on his team than previous yr and dont even have to worry bout defense. Why is he our coach? BUT LETS BE HONEST…REFS do CHEAT FOR GREEN GAY. Too many suspect calls that extended drives at end of games in Gayrod era. Its not a coincidence.

    Evan Device

    @Banquet Meal he didnt make the playoffs the last 2 yrs. Stop it

    Evan Device

    Offense was hindered by the oline all yr

Michael Sykes

To even be here at 8 and 8 is a blessing, many good nfl teams this year didn’t come close to that, I’m proud of our resolve, players and coaches for sticking to our guns in building something here versus JUST playing everyone’s game, we have had a great season it just doesn’t show in stats, obviously our o-line and db depth has been our crutch this season but if we are able to keep as many players and our team together in the offseason, with obviously upgrading o-line, TE, DB and adding depth we should be much better next year and instead of having the 6th hardest schedule it looks like it may be the 6th easiest come next year, love our team, coaches, and especially all the directions we took this year to get better.

    R Law

    8-8 is a non-season. You just wasted everyone’s time.

    Michael Sykes

    @R Law just saying what I feel, not taking anyone’s time man

    J Dolo

    @Michael Sykes you can love your team all day every way….but at some point you have to hold them accountable for losing! And obvious reasons why. 35 yrs of 90% losing seasons is nothing to be happy bout. Rebuilding every other year vs adressing the issues. Right now…its OL.(which its been for decade) And play calling first. Then qb….which is issue for how many yrs???

    Pirate Dave

    I love them too ,,but an offensive Coordinator, to work with Nagy ,sharing input and play selection would not be a hinder, either.,

James Cordon

As pathetic a win over a backup team as only this bunch could manage.

Thankfully this season is ready to flush.


    James Cordon- The 2019-2020 Chicago Bears season was ready to be flushed half-way through, in my opinion.


Sad thing is we played a 2/3 string scrub team and still barely pulled it out

    Scott Mayfield

    The Great One Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    brian lane

    @Erick Dobrzynski getting tire of the no TE’S. there was TEs on the roster, Nagy would not throw to them. except one game, and the backups stepped up. just like C. Patterson, why wait till end of season to use his talents. dang Nagy stubborn a zz

    I'm Awesome

    @The Great One lol, Scott’s an idiot and salty about the season (which is understandable)

    Ethereal Punishment

    @Erick Dobrzynski 8 wins is sooo impressive. missing the playoffs is very impressive. an 8 win season to a team like the Patriots or Packers is a terrible failure. bears are a pathetic awful franchise


    @Ethereal Punishment sell the damn team I’m sick of the Bears fans running around Chicago talking about going to the playoffs and being Super Bowl contenders.

Rock Davis

Yo okay we know you bringing Mitch back next year but who’s going to be his competition somebody who can beat him


    Rock Davis- So long as it isn’t Tyler Bray & Chase Daniel, I’ll be happy.

    Nathan 75

    Sucks but it’s really going to be hard for them to get better at QB in 2020.

    brian lane

    BUT BUT they had the HIGHEST paid backup QB in the league.

    Pirate Dave

    Mitch’s competition = the O line…lol

Lamuel J Sackson

How about putting your ego aside and stick with what works instead of doing the opposite? .. 👎

brian lane

Listen to Mitch’s press conference at 6: 40 on coach Nagy

“Doing exactly what he wants me to do, and Huhh, and just put his vision that he has in his mind out into the field” Trubisky on Nagy.

This is the darn problem. Nagy wants Trubisky to play the way he wants, instead of using Mitch’s strength and build on them.

I think there is a good reason he answered the ? this way and then left the podium.

Proof, it is Nagy, who cannot adapt, who is to stubborn to change, and is not man enough to admit when his plan is failing. And let’s not forget he will never change, because that is admitting you are wrong.

Get Ego maniac Nagy out of here.

    brian lane

    I have seen his type before. All confident, hyped up and believing he is doing the right thing. Even though the plan is not working.

    He is exQB that wishes he was out on the field throwing 50 passes a game. He wants his playbook to be the best.

    You can see the obvious in games past and all season. He never changed his game plan, not after stalled drives, not after no TDs drives in first quarter, never adapted after second half. Never changed anything until last two minutes of the game.

    So many things I could go on and on. But it is pointless, because Pace is just as stubborn , for example never admits to his poor draft decisions and he will never admit to his bad head coach hire.

    Two guys with big egos = fail.

    brian lane

    Not once has Nagy ever said it falls all on me and my fault. He always says everyone needs to get better. Grow a backbone Nagy.

    marcus fobbs

    brian lane that’s cause it’s not all on him, they are a team, not a Matt Nagy show, that’s selfish to expect him to take all the blame especially when you guys already say he has a big ego… let it go you guys making it seem like he’s freaking Freddy kitchens‼️, they went 12-4 last year for a reason, the team just went through a lot this year in terms of injuries and inconsistencies, they happen, similar to the rams this year, they’ll be back and better next year

    brian lane

    @marcus fobbs that is what you say as a player. when you are the head coach you take full responsibility. but he has no backbone, and will never never admit his mistakes. he never has.

    Pirate Dave

    I feel for the kid ,seems like he dosen’t want to hurt someone’s feelings ,, I’m glad he snuck in a few jobs for once..

Reggie Mitchell

If the Bears cant beat Greenbay they have not accomplished anything.

    Pirate Dave

    A win against the Packers ,should be the ONLY Club Dub Hooray Time,, & Then: division, & playoff WINS !!! THAT’S IT ,

Hal Lee

At the bottom in every category!



kilala plush


I'm Awesome

Anyone else think this felt like a preseason game?? Lol

Michael Brown

If the 2019 Bears were a product this team would be Charmin Ultrasoft

    Keifer Woods

    Michael Brown 😂😂

Steve Salinas

And I quote ” were gonna learn from this” we shall see Naggy🤔
The theme for next year should be ” let’s try not to suck! 👍🙏💩

Steve Salinas

O line coach needs to be examined!!


This was the same BS press conference for 16 weeks. Has this team finally found their “identity”? Hit the bricks Nagy!

Joseph Archer

I know everyone is piss about this year let’s move on to the next season let’s go BEAR’S

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