Matt Nagy on the team’s growth since Week 1 matchup vs Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

all business

I hope we make the playoffs. It’s a total disgrace that we have a 2% chance. We should have maybe lost 1 game to New Orleans and we were still in that one. Hicks going down really hurt us on the defensive end.

    Yoshibro 456

    We need the vikings to lose sunday

    Emperor Penguin

    @Yoshibro 456 we also need the Rams to somehow lose to DEM BOYZ


You know your early when no one is bashing coach Nagy yet


    As a pack fan he gets bashed on too much. It’s not his fault the bears are garbage


    @AGK927 — Wrong. It’s absolutely his fault the Bears are garbage. The GM supposedly built the offense to fit Nagy’s “system”.

    Mason Wright

    AGK927 they’re 7-6


Are the packers better than the bears?
will the packers always be better than the bears?
Absolutely yes.


    @Kosta DaGreekFreak oh you recognize me?


    @Yoshibro 456 ppl said that when favre left the packers. The packers will just find another qb

    Kosta DaGreekFreak

    I remember one of your comments lmao from a different bears video


    Ok troll…. we’ll see

    Doug Haritopulos

    Bears are going to beat the packers , Green Bay time is over

Jason Helem

Why Packers why… We beardown!

Amahd Cole

The games has not started yet I know this is going to be close and hard the bears did not play well in week 1 but now they different team now



M z

Trubisky scored 3 points in Chicago against the Packers WK 1…No Club Dub for Bears this week.

Emperor Penguin

Run the ball, use the I formation, dont let A*ron on the field

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