Matt Nagy on Akiem Hicks: We like what we’re seeing – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lenny James


    Kevin Torres

    Lenny James y the dots

    Andron Wilburn

    @Kevin Torres why ask why

    Terrel Ada

    Why the Packers! Why we have to play the Packers right now?? BEARS have to many injuries right now!! I just dnt see BEARS beating the Packers with all the injuries the BEARS have!!

    Andron Wilburn

    @Terrel Ada Whoa whoa whoa come on man 🤔pls go meditate away that negative energy sheesh we need none of that around hea playboy

    PCray ThePlug

    We’re only missing trevathan and roquan honestly. Pierre Louis stepped up for roquan last week and kowski is playing well. We’re fine

Jayden Barker

Look out 👀

Nate Angell


Mallisa Jackson

How u didnt miss anyone what about Trevathan

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