Matt Nagy Mic’d Up vs Cowboys | ‘You’re playing ball now!’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Trubiskys Cracked Reply

Hope u and Mitch play like this for the rest mam

@J_the_JEDI Reply

Please accept THIS “identity” Coach

    Brian Belden Reply

    @BagCRAZYTV Were going to have to agree to disagree. If hes the most important player on the team, like you just said, more than likely he is the face. Maybe not longterm but for now it is Hicks. Id like to see Trubisky finally break through. Looks like hes trying to scratch the surface. Hopefully he breaks out here. I really hope so. Look at Bears games BEFORE the Hicks injury. Who did the reporters IMMEDIATELY interview after every game, especially Bears wins? They flocked to Hicks, last season & this season, up until his injury. Even while injured he helped keep an even keel in the locker room when they were on the brink. This will sound crazy because Im going to compare different sports, but Hicks on the Bears, is like a David Ortiz was in the Red Sox clubhouse. Theyre both the kind of player that produces, & produces in the clutch, but both are are also personalities that confident, fun lovin’ hooligan culture to the locker room, through thick & thin. You can have your opinion also, but in my eyes, Hicks is clearly the face of this franchise. At least for now. I do hope someone else can step up(Trubisky)…’Because Hicks isnt getting any younger.

    Brian Belden Reply

    @BagCRAZYTV But you just made my point for me. You just said no one realizes the face of the yeam until they lose them. Thats EXACTLY what happened when the Bears lost Hicks. Hicks had been here since the beginning of this rebuild. When he went down it sent a ripple effect through both sides of the ball. Even Macks production has been significantly effected without Hicks there to bend the edge at the 5 or shoot the gap at the 4. I will admit that Mack is a MUCH harder positional talent for any franchise to aquire, as a primary passrushing 3-4 OLB. It IS much harder to find that PRIMARY 7 & 9 TECH 3-4 OLB, than it is a smash & bash 5 tech DE like Hicks. Ill agree with that. But wait until Hicks comes back, & watch how his teammates respond to him returning. The difference is night & day. Were jusy going to have to agree to disagree..Thats not a bad thing

    BagCRAZYTV Reply

    @Brian Belden lol ok agree to disagree 🐻⬇️

    Brian Belden Reply

    @BagCRAZYTV I say it because Im not saying that you are wrong. One can make a case for Mack. Even make a case for Jackson if thought it out hard enough. I also agree that Mack cannot be replaced. You cant effectively run a 3-4 without a Primary OLB like Mack or a Lawrence Taylor type. They are the primary source of sack production & are not easy to find. You have a strong case & I will also admit the majority probably agree with you. Buuut Ive never cared for group think. Like you said we both want the sane thing. There wouldnt be a bigger story in ALL of sports, than the Bears finding a way to pull off a Super Bowl miracle on their 100th anniversary. Would be an amazing story, the biggest in sports by FAR. GO CHICAGO BEARS!

B Fresh Reply

You can’t teach that energy. Say what you want, Nagy brings it every game and the players feel that‼️

    Chitex03 Reply

    Yeah, tell that to Bill Belichick. Most successful coaches ever. Do your job.

    BagCRAZYTV Reply

    @Chitex03 watch young bill when he was defensive coordinator for the giants

George Franklin Reply

They’re undefeated in that uniform.

    Megatronprime2007 Reply

    @Kosta DaGreekFreak every home game or sum

    Letourneau Vt95 Reply

    They need those blue and orange numbered alternate jerseys with those helmets and the home pants. That’d be sick as tits

    ooman88 Reply

    They dominate in those uniforms

    J. A. M. SR. Reply

    Big fucking facts!!!!!!🐻⬇️💪🏾

    IIExhibitAII Reply

    I said the same thing haha..

Peyton H Reply

I love the relationship between nagy and mitch

PHILosophy 1990 Reply

This is the potential that we ALL thought they could be on offense!

Looks good when our TEs open the field up and the Oline provides some holes for our run game…😌.

This was a *TOTAL* team win….. Coaches, Players, and Fans.

    JulieBishop Reply

    i certainly feel i earned this win.

Russell Webster Reply

Loved that game!!! So proud of mitch

Richard Davis Reply

I’m glad Matt humbled himself and switched up his offense. I was his biggest critic, but making the proper adjustments earns him my respect. And Mitch has improved greatly the last three weeks. Go Bears

    Freddy ramirez Reply

    Too late tho..season is should of swallowed his Ego waaay back after we lost to raiders…yes its good to see, but its too late now..aint winning no damn SB anymore because of id say coach still a dumbass for being a hardheaded idiot

    OG Skywalker Reply

    Dude stfuuu

    Nehemiah Barnes Reply

    @Freddy ramirez nope the only chance they have is to win out, very unlikely but possible

CAN28ful Reply

Loved his rants to the refs. THEY HAVE TWELVE GUYS.

    BloooJay Reply

    CAN28ful yes, and “you missed the face mask!!”, especially after he nicely greeted the refs before the game 😉

Andrew Owenby Reply

Nagy @ 1.58
So true, refs missed at least 4 facemask calls. One of the facemask was on Montgomery’s fumble. There were 2 on Miller when Wims had that bs block in the back call also.

Bears should’ve won by 21.

    Hshe Whenehs Reply

    Andrew Owenby yea if that bogus call on wims was on the cowboys for the facemask on Miller we would have been by the goal line and would have gotten another touchdown instead of that field goal and if miller held the ball in the 4th quarter drive where Trubisky was moving down the field again we would have been in scoring range again easily could have been a 38 or even 42 point game by the bears but it is what is I hope the Seahawks come back in the second half against the rams and the cowboys beat the rams as well otherwise we not making the playoffs

Yoshi24 Reply

How do the refs not fix anything after being told and shown on the board their calls were TERRIBLE. They missed 3 facemasks and called a terrible block in the back, absolutely terrible.

    Dylan Alexander Reply

    Yoshi24 the refs can be told or yelled at by a coach or player that there was a penalty and then throw a flag. A bad call is going to happen but the best Nagy or the players can do is make sure it doesn’t happen again

    IIExhibitAII Reply

    More like 5 facemasks.. remember there were two facemasks on the same play but yet they call a phantom illegal block in the back 🤦‍♂️ …


Should start wearing these uniforms every week ..

    Pablo Moreno Reply

    Yes they have that killer instinct

Bears fan Till I die Reply

Love the fact that Nagy was micd tonight lol

Jack-o’Lantern Reply

2:00 way to let em’ hear it Nagy. Some bad calls in that game but you guys still pulled it off 🐻⬇️

hangingwithcat Reply

Love seeing Mitch be so passionate!

Chairman Meow Reply

I mean at least he seems to have adapted his play calling. Time will tell though.

Jonathan Carrera Reply

4:09 “Dagger, DagGHer, Dagger, what’s up? 😂

The Condre Reply

“Love you man” makes me happy every time I hear it. Trubisky is such a kind guy.

ChicagoDefense Reply

“Son of a bytch”

Cristian Irizarry Reply

Nagy: love you
Mitch: love you too bro

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