Matt LaFleur Says it Took Everybody’s Best Effort In Win Over Seattle – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jonathan Koehlmoos

As a Packer fan, this was a great game. New when GB had the 18 point lead that the game was far from over, Seahawk fans have nothing to be ashamed of, they played hard for 4 quarters and didnt quit


    Know Worth maybe if your team could stop 3rd Downs, and actually played foot ball the first half it could of went the other way. However, packers are better than the Seahawks. Sorry to spill it to you bud. Maybe next year. GL

    Nick K

    @Know Worth what about the rest of the game where GB schooled them?? Or are all games based on a single snap? Seattle fans stay crying

    Patrick Hall

    @Know Worth Gave us the win??? The refs gave you the ball back after a clear fumble and a green bay recovery. Even if Jimmy G was short we would have got the inch on forth and if we would not have got it on forth you needed a TD with no timeouts… come on man.

    Blk Pig

    Yup always get sweaty when we play Russ. The man is like a Mighty Hamster, one of the most dangeRuss QB’s ever, like ever! He never quits. That said…

    Blk Pig

    What game did you watch??


He looks like a kid wearin his dads sweatshirt. Great season so far coach!

    Adam Rangel

    So far ?????


    Adam Rangel theres more to come 👍🏼

    Thomas Pick

    Yeah, but that photo of McCarthy on the Dallas announcement looked like Jaba the Hut from Star Wars. Now that Mike changed into blue threads, hopefully, we will not see that photo anymore. I hope Matt and his coaches can put together an effective game plan against SanFrancisco.

    david sanders

    Lol, like if the remade the movie BIG, starring Ryan Reynolds instead of Tom Hanks


    ChubbyBlumpkinz I was just going to say the same thing but decided to look first! 😆 That baby face and oversized hoodie are working against him. 👍🏻

Xela Stone

Next week cant come fast enough…

Remington Steele

They have to play 4 strong quarters. The 49ers are no joke. Hopefully they can pull if off.

Wizard_Of_Ninjas 333

Go Pack! You can dooooo eeet!!!!💚💛💚💛💚💛💚

Doug Auzene

Vince & Curly (Lambeau) ARE Smiling…GO PACK, GO!

J Allen

The first and ten run failed repeatedly, cant do that next week

    Carson D

    Had to at the end of the game. Only time we consistently did it.

Thomas Pick

Whew! This was a close one. Time to wash out my shorts. Yes, Davante,, I will wash with soap.

    Matt Lucca

    Underrated comment, this guy knows his sheeit. Lol

    Doug Richardson

    Onto San Fran Go Pack Go!!

    Just go commando next time no shorts no problem! 😉💩

Daniel Cha

i bet he’s gonna get snubbed for coach of the year, despite going to the TITLE game in his first year as a coach.

    Nick K

    @Barry E yeah…..but we WON those games. Even with a lot of our guys banged up, we can all have our excuses right? But at the end of those games we pulled it off. We struggled and persevered, that’s a championship mentality. Fighting and never folding.

    Barry E

    @Nick K Its Ok see you next week dont have a bad game

    Trey Cortez

    Barry E we have to get mentally prepared for this game also and it starts today. Need a great week of preparation and need to lock in starting today!

Cooper Kolmorgen

The niners might have got our butts kicked but were getting a new game plan so im very confident go pack go.

    Ken Kaneki

    Cooper Kolmorgen wouldn’t feel so confident when their whole line literally got a sack on Saturday .


First year as the coach and already heading into the NFC championship!! One game away from the Super Bowl… all I can say is wow. 3 years of waiting for this moment and here we are. Go pack go

    jaden wyatt

    Says a lot about McCarthy

    If it ain't creamy you need me

    We probably will get whooped by the 49ers lol, But at least we have a chance.

Good Goat

The Pack needs to learn to be unpredictable. Throw in some end-rounds, misdirection plays, occasionally for no apparent reason run the hurry-up offense. Get into the minds of the defensive players. Congrats on a hard fought win.


again…they found a way, awesome job tonight! what a game

silver scape

I’m really nervous going into San Fran next week…i just hope if we lose we put up a respectable fight…but of course I hope we WIN and even if it’s by 1 point wouldent matter to me. A win is a win. GO PACK GO!

    Blk Pig


    ambi ven

    If our Oline can hold up against 9ers pass rush and our D can stop 9ers run, we will get that W without much sweat

Timothy Kenyon

Awesome leadership all year long, exactly what was expected.

All Plays

Davante Adams for comeback player of the year.

    Ken Kaneki

    All Plays Jimmy Garoppolo torn his ACL and is 1 game away from the super bowl.

    Tango Bango

    All Plays More like Arron Rodgers! 🥴

Dave M

No matter what happens in San Francisco, Matt has done a fantastic fabulous job taking a rebuilding roster in his first year to the NFC Championship game.

Thanks for a great year!

    Blk Pig


The Man of Constant Sorrow Elias

Coach of the year


Coach of the freaking year

SJW Destroyer

Thanks for actually trying to win the game on third down instead of running it up the middle for a one yard gain and giving the opposing team a chance UNLIKE A PREVIOUS COACH.

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