Matt Eberflus on facing Bill Belichick ‘You have to guard against overdoing things’ | Chicago Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Derrick Mc

Hey coach how do you correct your terrible play calling?

    Fried Charles

    he isn’t calling plays, the OC is

    Brian Heffernan

    Play calling is not the issue. The issue is we have 0 skill positions outside of RB. No, Mooney is not a WR 1

    PHILosophy 1990

    Getsy is calling plays.

    Jim George

    @Brian Heffernan we have good skill position at qb. I think God we’ve got Justin.

rosa rodriguez

com on coach, get a damn win alredy


As a pats fan bettor I am worried about this game. Should I be?

    V8 & Jaylasell

    Yes you should

    Jim George

    @Jay Clark patriots are playing great. Bears are messing up.

    Jim George

    @SheffRudyTKE please don’t win, we need to make the playoffs.

    Jim George

    @V8 & Jaylasell hell yea!!!

    Jay Clark

    @Jim George I wouldn’t call last in your division and 3-3 “great ball”

Daniel Lee

1) Does anybody know what reporter is speaking at 4:48?

2) Courtney Cronin seems to be the only reporter that asks intelligent questions.

    Jeff Cleveland

    I think you’re correct Mr. Cronin😁

    PHILosophy 1990

    Cronin does ask good questions. She’s come in and became the best beat reporter.

    **edit** Jim (👇) is right. Herb Lawrence asks pretty good questions too.

    Jim George

    I actually think that black reporter asks good questions as well.

Charles Presley

Take away drills have got lost last two games

Charles Presley

Upset alert lmao


How do you evaluate how Justin has played? The reporter asked. Matt, deer in the head lights. No real answer, no real game plan. I’m starting to question this coach. 🤔🤔

    Kyle Gordon

    He has already answered this question in 15 different interviews. He needs to work on the footwork and the internal clock in his head. This is the head coach not the OC. You guys got used to having Naggy be a control freak calling all the plays and situational awareness. Justin is what a young QB is supposed to look like. We have to get out of this “I want it now mindset”

    Kyle Gordon

    @Captain1 Jones He answered the questions already this week, Matt is just tired of answering the same question in 5 different ways.

    Jim George

    @G they are seeing positive results. Justin’s the only reason we’re even coming close to winning these football games.

    Captain1 Jones

    @G Like several people have said he’s already answered those questions. Coach isn’t going to pull a Ron Rivera and blame the quarterback for the team losing. He said he talks to Fields about his performances. Fields is already taking a lot of heat for outsiders so his coach is trying to keep him focused on the future.

    Jim George

    @Kyle Gordon Justin is the only reason we’re even coming close to winning any of these games.

Barry McCockiner

Pats held Detroit to 0 points. This one is going to be ugly

    Jim George

    Belichick will put a spi on Justin to stop him from running and without his running ability this offense just isn’t good enough.

Tiff Tiff

Cut the BS with all of these vague talk. Cut Musty and give a straight answer, why isn’t Patrick playing at Center?


Turnovers & dropped passes make a huge difference. 2 losses would have been wins. The Washington loss was brutal.

    Johnny Chimpo

    Doesn’t matter. This team doesn’t deserve to win

    Jim George

    Our last two games we literally gave away. We should be 4-2 instead of 2-4


“you gotta go by your rules.” i hate this so much. justin has said multiple times now that he hasnt thrown the ball to wide open receivers because it was outside of the rules of the play. smh.


“Playing Quarterback?” . Justin fields is The quarterback

    Amahd cole



DHC being a captain really shows how thin this roster is

    Jim George

    DHC has been on this team a long time. Shows how good of a player he is.

V8 & Jaylasell

I love Eberfuse He change alot and I see a W on Monday night we’re excited 😜 Go 🐻….

James Marchetti

Does DHC have a Name???

    Jim George

    DeAndre Houston Carson…

Matthew Ciolak

Man I hate this team

    Jim George

    Then please stop watching the games, and please stop coming on sites like this to comment.

Amahd cole

I know it takes time for things to turn around

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