Mark Ingram on Lamar Jackson “That’s a WILD DOG!!” | TNF Post Game Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rotimi Oyemade

Do not put him on the Madden Cover

    Kenneth Bryant

    it will happen.

    oz is higher than a cloud

    And if they put him on it I believe he could break that jinx. Man already broke so many things said about him

    Jay Tha Poett

    Why do yall believe in such supernatural bullshit!

    Nate The Great

    Rotimi Oyemade Every player goes through injuries either way🤷🏻‍♂️

    The Truth

    How many player have been injured that didn’t make the Madden cover?? Exactly thousands of player especially at the qb position smh this is not flag football this is a contact sport but the funny thing is that yall really beleive in that Madden curse bs 😂😂😂.

Rusty Shackelford

I wish Steve Smith Sr. was still on the Ravens this year.

    Kemp Pippen

    No, we dont need to wish anybody who isnt here was on our team because we are doing a wonderful job without them. This is our team and were gonna win it all!

    Black Ocean

    And Deion Sanders too while we’re at it

    Louis Hernandez

    One of the many players that deserved a ring

    Francisco Leite

    Team would be even more dominant than it already is

john doe

Impossible to dislike these guys. Keep dominating.

    john doe

    tito thomas Lol u have issues dude.

    john doe

    Green Man cool story no one cares.

    john doe

    ContractZERO cool. No one cares.

JaSean Chopper

Lamar Jackson is a class act!


Ingram only needs another 113 yards to get to 1000 yards also

    Liu Kang Kixx

    Adam he will get there biggggg trusssss 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

    Austin Luepkes

    Liu Kang Kixx unless they’re rest him week 17


    He’s actually at 963 currently he’s closer.

    Cherish Lady

    @teebird38 awesomeness two 1000 yard runners woohoo

6isco 6ool

He’s already said he dont care bout the Madden cover, dont worry guys


    6isco 6ool that doesn’t mean he wont do it.

    Yawn Sleep

    We’ll see him or jimmy G on the next cover no doubt about it



    Thomas Gage

    the curse is comin

    Shaimus Reilly

    He said that before he was this successful.

j reid

Mark ingram had this same energy when it was him and Kamara lol guys loves being around winners

    Chu Nguyen

    Christopher Pressley

    @Ace NoLxve ..Nah,not really..Seems innocent

    Kendall Charles

    I think this is what Kamara misses most!

    Vincent Coleman

    J Reid he’s been winning since Alabama bro


i feel like mark ingram and steve smith are the same person

    J Terry

    Steve Smith Sr*

    thought u was talking bout SAS for a sec

    Ed Russ

    @J Terry why on earth would he be talking about Stephen A Smith

    Big Truex

    Steve Smith is too angry

    J Terry

    Ed Russ I looked at the comments before watching the video for some reason

Swa Sho

Lamar “I still watch Michael Vick videos on YouTube “ Jackson

    Relly B

    Swa Sho yup that’s where we are now. YouTube is the new encyclopedia.

    Rishi Bappanad

    @Relly B ok boomer

    Alex Nigga

    You don’t ?


I could be wrong but I think the Ravens having fun this season. 😂😂😂

    Chu Nguyen

    go bot

    Randy Hughes Has nothing to do with morale. Players love Cap. Owners and those who very specific fans hate him.

    JoJo RAY



    SHALOM nah you dead wrong, they look depressed

    ProtoFab 3D

    You can see it. They are having fun. It is what makes them great.

Joshua Avery

Mark ingram is like the Kevin Hart of the NFL lol

    j drayton

    Kevin hart isn’t funny

    the professor

    I was about to say the very same thing!

    J H

    @yos go figure out how you gonna buy Xmas presents with that govvie check



    We’re just entertainment for these white imbeciles. Little do they know the show is coming to an end.

Charles Urban

Make Lamar Jackson the MVP, and when Mark Ingram retires, GIVE HIM A TV DEAL.

    Stephen May

    He need one ASAP he’s hilarious

    Cherish Lady



    Funny, & well-spoken, too!

Chris McKee

Ingram is so underrated on this team, he has had such a tremendous impact on the Ravens this year.

    Ms Sandy

    I love everything about Mark Ingram! Great player! Great teammate! Great guy!

    Kameron Pohlman

    His field play was about what I thought he’d be, and even though they partly brought him in because he’s known around the league as a top tier teammate, I don’t think anyone could predict how well him and Lamar (and the whole team) gelled.

    Chris McKee

    Kaizaro123 because Lamar seems to get all of the credit running the football. Ingram has put up great numbers on the ground as well but he’s really only recognized as Lamar’s hype man right now.

    Keith Howard

    I think he is very appreciated in Baltimore

    Ms Sandy

    @Chris McKee Not true at all.

aaron spencer


Adam Howitt

“You are not the father!”
Mark Ingram “Good! GOOD! GOOD!”

luis alcala

Lamar “Stay Humble… Stay Classy” Jackson…


    Humble? Dancing around on the field after gaining a first down up by 4 TD’s doesn’t scream humble to me. That’s not classy.

    Dusan Vukicevic

    @cajenner10wrong in many ways, guy is just excited to win, can not hold that against him, kid comes from Brevard County, you have no idea what he has been through and been exposed to and yes he is still humble

Yoo Toob

Lamar’s focus is amazing he feels they hype but it doesnt consume him. A trait of a great leader. I’m in on the Lamar bandwagon. 😂

    Angel One

    @Lifted Life904 ive heard him refer to himself in the 3rd person a few times

    Dee Nizzle

    He deserves to be cocky especially how everyone hated on him

    Angel One

    @Dee Nizzle nobody should be cocky. Everyone has someone hatin on em in this world.

    Gaurav Patel

    Their* not they. Triggered

    Gaurav Patel

    @Lifted Life904 that is because he is humble. Not Dat*

Proppa Music

*Ravens only team I witness in NFL ever to win 5 consecutive games with 40+ points*

    Socorro Benitez

    The DID NOT beat the 49ers by 40 points so chill on that B.S.

    Francisco Leite

    Socorro Benitez hater

    Socorro Benitez

    @Francisco Leite Just stating FACTS… you needed a field goal to beat us.

Proppa Music

*The Ravens Chemistry is out this world never seen a team so happy together and like family*

    How You Look Right Now

    @Socorro Benitez yeah, but the ravens beat the 9ers and Seahawks who also beat the 9ers

    Lil Wayne Carter

    This team and that 2015 Panthers team. Cam had those boys turnt. They were celebrating everywhere that season

    Smoke CBD

    The 2019 Ravens and the 2015 Panthers are the two most “together” teams in NFL history. They act as family

    G Blair

    Free agents are watching!

    G Blair

    @How You Look Right Now he’s a hater

It's AbraH

Reporter: hey Lamar how was your day?
Lamar: well I…

    Dolton Collins

    It’s AbraH on me😂😂😂😂😂. I love it😂😂😂

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