Mark Ingram Full Press Conference After Beating Jets | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Yhung Jefe

Big boy, no lil boy ‼️

Robert Cooper

That hairline tho


Damn Mark, that sweater is too chill

BenG Dollas



Wish he got asked about his own stellar year more often, seems like he has to field a thousand questions about how good Lamar is every week.

    B-DuB 813

    He’s Lamar’s number 1 hype man. That team really cares about eachother. Lamar talks highly of Ingram aswell.

    Amir Wahli

    jsshull19 He good he wasn’t getting asked no question in New Orleans

    Jordan Pipersburgh

    Lol facts. Until this season I haven’t heard him speak since he won The Heisman

Its MxGinnis

I wonder do he get tired of getting asked ab Lamar Jackson every interview

    LET'S GET it52

    Its MxGinnis no lol

    derek Gardner

    It seems like he is. And I don’t blame him


    he doesnt care lmao, he got NO press time with the saints, hes loving the moment atm, now next year might be different but hes loving it this year

    Its MxGinnis

    oBioHaz not really bro. Seem like he don’t wanna b called a hype man for Lamar. 1:55


    @Its MxGinnis eh, maybe being called the hypeman lmao

Erin Tate

He needs to break some records!!!

E. House

I need to know where I can find that Snuggie


EXCELLENT interview Mr Ingram. Real pro sht 🏆

Mark Ridley

Ingram brings such an important spirit to this team. Plus his victory arm point is dope af.

Joe Taylor

Love Ingram he definitely is another HUGE factor to this teams success along with our Tight Ends

Malcolm Sanders

The NFL official hype man

Liu Kang Kixx

Baltimore is sooo thankful for u Mark Ingram!! We love you brother!! You are a great person a great running back n a great teammate!! Thank you for everything you do for the ravens!! I must have ur jersey!! I gotta have it!! 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

Berry Tharp

This guy is the soul of that team and Lamar is the heart, they perfectly compliment each others game and personalities.

Lion Thomas

Love having Big Mark on my team

Peasipa Namoa

Genuine Love! Humble as it comes! You the Man! BMore is a family team! 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽✝️

flow flow

Mark i have been a fan since you was with Alabama much love for you stay strong💪💞

jerome griffith

Keeping putting God first and stay humble you would go real far.
Performance my brother

Matthew Silva

What a great dude. This whole team is helping each other out. They have such athletic tight ends that can block and catch. Nobody is putting up crazy numbers individually (except Lamar running). I hope this team doesn’t get split up for financial reasons.

Jasper Crowell

Big Ups to Mark Ingram I love to see brother support one another that’s the way it should be win it all

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