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We’re gonna win bengals idk why we’re being counted out smh

    777Boss 777

    We’ve been counted out all season and every season. That’s the life of a falcons fan, but guess what we gonna continue to put in this work ⚫️🔴

    90's BaBiez, Tribute Band

    I mean they counted yall out against everybody yall have played

bill cur

As a titans fan I’m happy for Marcus. Keeping tabs on him. Offensive player of the week. Comeback player of the year I hope

    Kyle Sawkon

    @bill cur playcalling was dog💩 then too

    90's BaBiez, Tribute Band

    @Stetson Mitchell I’m a Titans fan and I wish the same brother


    @bill cur Mariota was a big reason that team turned around..ima titans fan but i like to keep up with mariota and how hes doing..different coaches and staff almost every year mariota was there, the only consistency was amy adams being the owner the whole time..mariota didnt fit what they were trynna turn him into and he tried his best to be that type of QB but you cant be what youre not..and thats why Tannehill is better for that type of scheme..they shouldve never drafted mariota if they wanted him to be something else

    bill cur

    @Mo2Fifty I agree with everything you said. We are a running team. But he did stink it up enough to get benched. But he also did turn things around. You never knew which Mariota was going to show up. He brought excitement and people in the seats. Over all I’m proud of him for enduring the failures. The coaching staff was a revolving door. He got gun shy and held onto the ball too long taking huge sacks. Threw some bone headed ints. But like Lamar Jackson he makes huge plays with his feet. If he has learned his lesson he will be a huge difference for the falcons. But being a running QB staying healthy will be an issue if he doesn’t learn how to get down. He gives you everything he has. You gotta love him for that.

    SFC Bolted Duck

    In the end the blame falls with TN ownership. She’s a typical owner that wants to be GM and Coach too. Those teams never do well. Marcus was drafted with Whisenhut as coach and he wanted to use Marcus’s skills and build a team around him. The owner fired him five games in because they lost a road game in Houston (where Titans HQ still is or still was-not sure about today) and she had done a lot of bragging to the the Texans about which team was better. She got embarrassed and fired him. That started the roller coaster for MM1. He played “crappy” as you put it because he had nerve damage in his freaking elbow. He couldn’t grip the ball right and he couldn’t feel his fingers for the needed touch on the ball. He had no competent weapons aside from delanie walker. Still all in all benching him was the best thing they could do for him because it allowed him to leave and go to much better organizations. I was a huge titans fan when Marcus was there and I left when he left and I know I’m not alone. So call me whatever you need to little man I know who I am and what I can do, your opinion is not required. ✌️

777Boss 777

They called us a 4 win team before the season started , now we have 3 wins in 6 weeks and we’re fighting for 1st in the division.

Gotta love my city , let’s go Atlanta ⚫️🔴

    Kian Nazari

    Saw lots of places even putting us at two wins in the season. We just gonna keep proving them wrong.

90's BaBiez, Tribute Band

I love this guy , sat for 2 years , gets dogged, fans want Ridder , trying to run him out of town through his 1st 4 games which wasn’t his fault. Yet he kept a level and got NFC Player of the game , that boy a warrior, Nashville made his heart harden by the way they dogged him .

    Ontario Smith

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾,we love Marcus in the A, let’s Go Falcons!!!! Dirty Bird’s Fo Life!!! Already


    Wasn’t his fault?! He put the ball on the ground at the worst moments through the first month of the season. A lot of it was his fault!!! He has played better the last two games but at the same time we don’t ask him to do much at all. We expect him to throw the ball 13-14 times a game so he has no business turning the ball over as much as he has…but he is getting better


    @Treboi negative betty

    90's BaBiez, Tribute Band

    @Treboi Mane pay attention to that hand off to Al Gieres and the center pass off to Marcus and now look how perfect they’re running it, stop hating, lol yall wanted that boy out of Atlanta and he’s about to be there for many more years lol

Derrick Hughes

Keep on balling Marcus. Lead us to victory over the Bengals

Patty Royal

I can truly respect his humility and team appreciation! He’s also a great interviewer, because he sounds genuine when talking about his experiences, and doesn’t sound like a broken record saying the same thing all the time. Very intelligent man!

stephan brainard

I really Marcus…he was a Falcon player as a kid too!

Caleb Carmichael

It seems like we are working as a team not just because we won against the 49ers I think we are improving every week and it will pay off in the future.


Love seeing Marcus play I know he has some stuff to work on but having a mobile QB plus him being a veteran has helped us tremendously. Hope we come correct vs joe burrow ✔️🔥

Mr Motivator

Marcus keep going you got what it takes

Agent Active

For barely knowing anyone on offense they are playing pretty decent

Lonely Pigeon

Marcus can work in the corporate offices in the NFL when he retires……there is NOT one bad thing he says of any player, a VERY GOOD motivational speaker!!!!

dakota c

He’s one of the best in extending plays. I’m so used to seing Ryan get sacked; I’m so happy to see MARIOTA take TF off when he feels the heat. FIRST DOWN 🥇


MM1 💪🏾🔥

Ronin Hx

Legit athlete. Legit person. Let’s go brother. Rise up!!


Idk how my Steelers didn’t offer for this man


Idk how my Steelers didn’t offer for this man

    Lil_V839 Nicholas V

    My wife is a PIT fan. She is nervous about December 4th when PIT comes down to ATL lol.


    Shoot I’m nervous too mariota really gave that franchise a spark🤦🏻‍♂️wish we had em y’all real lucky to have him


I think Mariota is the key because he has really good weapons around him, the O line is playing well enough and the defense is bend but don’t break. Just play his game and who knows Dan Quinn shocked the world in year 2 😁

    Dwayne Hardwell

    lol u mean Kyle Shanhan and that high powered offense he built in Atlanta took Dan Quinn to the superbowl

    G G

    @Dwayne Hardwell the same one the Falcons just beat yeah that one lol

SFC Bolted Duck

I told everybody that normally follows the falcons you tube threads (go back and look at old comments) that Marcus and this team would get better every week. First a guy that’s not played in two years and now he playing with rookies, chemistry HAS to be built. Second this scheme is perfect for MM1 plus it allows him to take what the defense is not best at. Some of these games you will see him throw a lot, successfully and accurately. (Some ppl on here think if he throws over 20 attempts he falls apart) and some games he will rush a lot. Wherever the wholes are at.

Carolyn Inman

Imua Marcus Hawai’i cheering for you Bruddah! Much Aloha!!

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