Madden ’20 Simulation: Raiders vs. Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rylan Baker


Y IceCrusher

This better happen

YungJustin B4tay

I could see it happen😂

SuperSamus J.L.S

I thought we were going to lose this sim but I guess not

    lil broomstick

    the raiders are actually really bad


outro song is 🔥🔥🔥 ..

Meek Rodriguez

Awesome videos


Could you imagine the hype across the NFL going into the offseason if Lock throws for 5 touchdowns in his 5th game as a Bronco? I honestly hope THAT doesn’t happen. I hope we win, I just hope that Lock kinda flies under the radar until next year.


    TheEnigmaticOpaque I hope we lose so we can get Judy in the draft

    Jeff Crouch

    @Instinctive Judy who? And what position he play?


    Jeff Crouch Jerry Judy, WR, Alabama

    Odd profile picture

    @Instinctive me too

Brodyn Bc



These should be wayyyyy longer

Jesse Williams


Caleb Valdez

This is the first time we’ll see Drew Lock in a normal home Uni since preseason

    Ben S

    Hopefully that’s a good thing

Keith Sims

Redemption! Haven’t forgot how the Raiders whip our butts 1st of the season

Jeff Crouch

Hopefully we get the win and no injuries 🍻

    Cameron Luer

    It’s way too late to say no injuries 😒

    Jeff Crouch

    You my friend best be knocking on wood..

Aaron Humphrey

This is kind of a weird video to upload…


I hope lock has those stats in real life this weekend. Go broncos!!

Kamu Kawo

Anyone watching the game this Sunday? I’m going for the first time in my life! Hopefully the turn out is exactly like this lol

    Rodolfo Rude

    Yup I’ll be there too. You picked a good one. Definitely going to be a lot of haters fans. They always there

    Kamu Kawo

    Haha perfect I’ll be used to it since my whole family is raider fans !

Chase Borba

Seems about accurate

Zachary Couch

Hopefully win win, we already got swept by KC getting swept by the Raiders would be awful

Hunter Livie

I want to win, but if we do we could potentially fall to 17 in the draft!


Madden must of updated locks rating from the 60 he was haha, goo broncos!

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