Mack Wilson Mic’d Up For First Career INT | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mack Wilson Mic’d Up For First Career INT | Cleveland Browns

Rookie linebacker Mack Wilson was mic’d up last week for his first career NFL interception. Watch as he reflects on this milestone while looking forward to the final two games of the 2019 season.

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Let’s go Cleveland

DB 69

Remember that epic pic in the preseason

Hunt's Sports Nation

Please make the playoffs or at least beat the ravens

    Tori Speaks

    Hunt’s Sports Nation they’re not making the playoffs sorry to break the news to you

    Dragonic Overlord The End

    Hunt’s Sports Nation I don’t mean to be a doubter but Browns aren’t going to win this time. Ravens are hungry for revenge and they’re going to make the Browns the Bengals


This team needs to look up how to fire a head coach

    Sandman Huffmaster

    They’ve had plenty of experience firing head coaches


    Not kitchens

Ladu Khubar


Michael Lucas


Gemma Diva

You should teach the DB’s how to actually tackle a player instead of just throwing shoulders and hoping they go down.

patrick brown

Fire a head coach? Better tackling? More wins? This team won how many games over the past decade and suddenly this year you fan boys are thinking playoffs or Superbowl? This is the best season you could hope for! Take it and enjoy your wins. Now go get a real qb and a real coach and maybe get a few more wins over the next few seasons.

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