Luke Kuechly breaks down defense following loss to Falcons – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
jocelyn ackerman

Start grier

    Jay styles

    That not going help if the o-line trash. He going do the same damn thing kyle allen doing laying on the ground fumbling need a damn 0-line

    im the G.O.A.T

    I agree we need to give him a chance and resign cam.

    Kala Spears

    Yea we need a o line but its not going to hurt now if you let him at lest play that guy was balling at wv but
    For real o line deff needs help and yes cam newton needs to be back next year but i said it befor and ill say it again ron will get another job when he does
    He will do good it was not rons falt u f your team is not play with its starters what do u think is going to happen i meen i prom u this carlina mighgg have lost if ron was there sunday but not that bad he will be missed but cam. Should get to come back

    AR15 Luciano

    Grier was a wasted draft pick, he is not out there for a reason smh, sorry to say but Allen is carolina best hope without cam


Fvck Allen, trade him for a fvcking 3rd round pick,

    Michael Davis

    Well…we actually picked someone in the 3rd round last year that just so happens to play the same position. Season is over. BoA Stadium will be empty, and should be to show the team how disgraceful their performance has been, so why not give WG a shot? Doesn’t matter if we lose now. As a matter of fact, the more losses we have, the better our draft will be. Maybe that’s why they aren’t putting him in, because they are afraid he might actually hold onto the ball.

    Playa from the Himalayas

    Damn I hate seeing so many football ignorant posts. Same motherfuckers blaming problems on Cam now blaming Allen. If you can’t see past the qb issue, put down the keyboard and let football intelligent people chat.

    Hunna Capata

    Cause the entire O-line deserves their jobs 😂😂😂

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Isn’t he a rookie

Josh N

Keep pounding 👊💪


New qb hurts later in the draft would be worth a try would fit in and could have cam help him. Him or cam should start.

    Dr. Lyle Evans

    We have another QB, Will Grier. I’m interested in seeing how he performs.


    Yeah he should get a try but I’m feeling cam or jalen hurts


Does anybody else see the horse shoe print between his eyes…


Boy! Like is trying his hardest not to give up. He was so frustrated in this game.

Jose Gonzalez

if panthers don’t start grier next week, then we will go finish the season with a losing record 5-11, in addition dalvin cook or aaron jones will be the best running back in the league overtaking run cmc.

    im the G.O.A.T

    At least we would get a good draft pick

    Anoop Pillai

    CMC isn’t winning the rushing title or the rushing TDs with this team. But as long he is healthy, I am good. On to the next season and I hope we get a good coach.

    im the G.O.A.T

    @Anoop Pillai I agree we just need a fresh start.

    Anoop Pillai

    @im the G.O.A.T today has shown that we are a very inconsistent team. Probably the most, in the NFL. I hope we get a significant upgrade over Rivera, as he was doing pretty good in the 2017 abd 2018 seasons, before Cam went down.

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC. Panthers pride. I don’t know what wrong with our defense. Hopefully we get back on track next. I still love Carolina Panthers. Keep pounding.


I honestly think Luke would make a great coach or coordinator one day.

Reuben Terry

Love Luke to death, but it looks like he’s checked out on this season

    T J

    He can’t play the whole defense himself

    Reuben Terry

    This is true that’s why I believe he’s checked out on this fiasco. Just look at him on the sidelines he looks defeated. The lack of tackling by some of his defensive cohorts is appalling.

    T J

    @Reuben Terry Yeah the injuries to kawann and dontari really have affected his ability to flow in the middle and cover pass attempts because he’s got to stay there and make sure no one can break off huge runs on us and the backs are dreadful besides maybe bradberry and eric reid, donte hasn’t really done a great job this year. I’m hoping brian burns really develops this offseason to get him and shaq some help and hopefully we can pick up some backs and offensive tackles in free agency/the draft.

    Nath John

    He’s been ordinary all year to be honest. No where near what we have come to expect from him sadly.

im the G.O.A.T

U are the best linebacker and the goat nothing to worry about💪keep pounding!

FunkoPop Maniac

We just don’t know how to win

die hard panther fan FO LIFE

Who’s ready for another 7 game losing streak

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    More like the next three games left Losing

    Ray Cordova

    Meee. #gooddraftpick

    bobashaw smith

    If we’re trading Cam need a 1st back to draft hopefully a young qb and with our 1st need a dt or cb. I was thinking Tua if he were to fall and we got a 1st for Cam from the Patriots or whomever. Pretty depressing rn, but if a good coach & gm are brought in, we can have an awesome offseason to put us back in contention.

Riles 00

Luke does not fit in the 3-4 defense, hate that we are wasting the last few years of his prime with this terrible gm and coaching staff

    Jonathan Hill

    I know, he’s a future hof, it’s sad


It hurts knowing we wasted this mans golden days.

    Brandon Deese

    He’s still golden he just doesn’t fit into this new 3-4 defense we’re trying this year, go back to 4-3 and this man will be a monster again

Teddy Swagger

Unacceptable. #C’MonMan #KeepPounding


Man, I hope Luke.K isn’t fed up with this team…🤦

Excuse Keenan

Get rid of this 3-4 defense. Obviously we don’t have the personnel for it

Charles Polm

If I’m Luke I tell tepper Trade Cam Trade me
Trent Williams and a healthy Cam NEWTON could fix A lot problems

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