Luke Kuechly Announces His Retirement | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Piyush Komali

i will miss you, you made my day every sunday


This is insane. It’s gonna be weird not seeing 59 every Sunday

Caedmon Moore

You could hear the sadness in his voice. He didn’t ever want to stop playing the games he loves, but he had to be a man and listen to his mind and family. You can’t not respect that. The game was taking over his life, and if he kept playing, he might look like a piece of broccoli by the age of 40

    Caedmon Moore

    Joe McKim nailed it.


    You can’t not respect that? WTF

    Caedmon Moore

    Lorenzo whatcha mean? I’m just saying that you kinda have to respect how he listens to his heart. Sometimes what you need to do is not what you want to do.


    Oh I’m sorry Caedmon Moore. I read it wrong. I didn’t get the double negative. Im (a) german (Panthers fan). That’s why I haven’t seen it on the first sight.
    Not meant as an offense but now as I got the thing right I totally agree with you🙏🏻

Connor Freis

I almost bust down tears I hope everything goes best friend and us as a panther community we love him

    Smad World

    Connor Freis true

Bonnie Johnson

I will miss Luke, he is one of the best

    Smad World

    Bonnie Johnson true

    Joshua Nelson

    Not even a panthers fan but I have so much respect for this man.

    Unknown Memes

    he is the best

    Jaredpool Brownman14746

    @Unknown Memes Facts man.

Gabriel Quesnot

He is doing this because of his health. I get that! You did what you had to do Luke! Thank you for the memories! #Keeppounding

Jordan Jordan

Cant have anything but respect for him he has made a immense impact on the Carolinas and he should do what feels right to him going to miss seeing him playing but good luck in the future with what you decide to do 🖤💙🖤💙

Jah longfellow

luke def needs a coaching job with the panthers

    JonAnthony[]BamP {}

    Jah longfellow Hes leaving because of the new liberal owner and him suppressing the conservatives in the organization and believe me,there is A LOT.. that’s all this is.. 100% facts


    He’s so smart he’ll make a great lb coach

    bmer mer

    He’d be equally successful in the broadcaster booth, but I’d love to see him coach the Panthers linebackers.


    @Joe McKim Head Coach Luke Kuechly down the road maybe?

    Max 43

    I think he’d be a great defensive coordinator even.

Germane Habib

And it gets worse. First, we lose Thomas Davis. And now Kuechly? Missing 59 already. It is gonna be a sad and long offseason in Panther Nation….SMH! 😥😭
Luke “DaColdest toeverdoit” Kuechly. 👍🏾


    Don’t forget Rivera but hey you guys are gonna get wonderful lottery tickets

    JonAnthony[]BamP {}

    Germane Habib you’re not even kidding bro.. among some of the inner circle it’s going around that it has a lot to with the owner and their political differences.. Tepper is a 100% libtard and tries to suppress the conservatives and there is actually a lot here.. it’s sad how TDR is making billionaires lose their mind.. none of us can’t stand him

    Eric Marshall

    He deserves a spot on the ring of honor. #59 thank you for 8 years of great memories.

    Zack The Exception

    Just watch McCaffrey leave

Cameron Baptiste

I’m crying in my sleep fr

Douglas Sturges

Best linebacker since Butkus. He made the smart move.


i am not a panthers fan but luke was my favourite defensive player 🙁

oh man I just finished the video I feel so sad, I almost cried hearing his voice crack

    Santa So

    How do think we feel omfgggg

    Noah NTG

    You and me fam


    Lost my sleep after seen this. I’m hurt and yes, I cried.

    bmer mer

    My favorite defensive player too! Went straight to comments – don’t think I’m ready to watch/hear his retirement speech just yet – I still need to process this news. All that matters is what’s right for him. Thanks for everything, Luke!


You’ve had a great career Luke defensive player of the year best middle linebacker in the nfl for the last 8 years hall of fame resume enjoy your health, wealth, and prosper.


Sounds like his heart said yes but his body was saying NOPE. I’ve seen enough retired football players to know that u made the right decision.

    Phillip S

    and I’m sure the losing didn’t help. Fact is were probably going to be bad for a few seasons as Rhule gets his system in. That 49ers coach was a basement dweller for 2 seasons

Roy Thomas

As a Saints fan this dude was seriously one of the best ever. Loved seeing him and Brees trying to outsmart each other. A true great, he will be missed.

    John Min

    Roy Thomas you have no linebackers in new orleans so anyone going to look good to you.

    maximus awesomness

    John Min Demario Davis was the BEST linebacker out of any team this season. He went all pro and had a crazy year FYM?

Adult Fan Of Legahs

I hat that these guys get concussions, didn’t want to see him end up like seau though


I’m a guy who doesn’t cry when stuff like this guy luke my eyes r red for crying 😭

Z ollin

There’s gonna be a huge gap to fill Luke is irreplaceable

Chaotic exnii

I don’t even like the panthers but he’s a goat come back

Brandon Myles

In the words of Marshawn:

“Protect yo mind”
Protect to body”
“Protect yo chicken”

As a saints fan ! I’m HAPPY as hell we don’t have to see you 2 times a year anymore. But most importantly as a FOOTBALL FAN . I am sad to see you go. You define professionalism and excellence. Much respect to you and your future.

    Anonymous Person

    actually it was protect yo chicken, protect yo mentals

    JonAnthony[]BamP {}

    Brandon Myles yeah but that statement proves he didn’t “protect his mine” lol

    JonAnthony[]BamP {}

    Brandon Myles I quit watching football when that liberal POS David tepper bought the team (I miss it) but I agree with you and would be the same way . I always respect the greats like Drew Brees.. “HATE” him but love the hell out of him at the same time

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