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Looking for NFL Draft Clues w/ Adam Caplan | Eagles Insider

What are the takeaways from the Howie Roseman/Andy Weidl teleconference with Eagles reporters on Thursday? We'll break them down and discuss the latest rumors and chatter out there with SiriusXM/NFL radio's Adam Caplan.

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Trade for Lamb. That is all

Hugh Snyder

Need to upgrade the linebackers.

Loyal Philly fan

If we don’t trade up then draft Kenneth Murray.

Nathan Davies

If you don’t take a receiver in the first round, EDP has said that he will not watch football this year. I don’t even want to think of that possibility, please take a reciever

    Jonathan Boi

    I know it’s getting that scary 😔

iShine 101

It truly makes sense if we went MLB in 1st rd!!! Tbi if both wrs and Lb’s remain healthy we are definitely weaker at the linebacker position!!!!! Nate Gerry been trying for 3 years an sucks he can’t plug a hole for a tackle and his coverage skills below average, if Nigel comes back he will be basic! Once he had his career year 2017 ( I got my money 💰) he has been subpar!!! And TJ Edwards shows lil flashes but isn’t proven or enough, we need Kenneth Murray from Oklahoma 6’2 235lb Man child who is a fast freak on the field looks like a young Patrick Willis! Then we trade up in the second giving up one fourth for a Wr.. their are plethora of wideouts this year dammit. Flyyyy eagles 🦅 flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Gritty Gross

    U fucking nailed it I definitely want Murray in midnight Green baby


    Absolutely. When the Eagles have to play against Zeke and Barkley 4 times a season, plus Peterson and Guice, they need a tackling machine behind the Dline. They sorely lack that right now.

    iShine 101

    The100percy yea not to mention we have one of the toughest schedules this year by far!!!!

    Jonathan Boi

    Yep just leave Wentz with nothing, just scrambling with sanders, 👍

Chee Nou Lo

Gotta look for LB/WR. It’s an obvious one here. I believe that the Eagles can find corners through trades as they’ve always done. Darby played his part for his first two years and that’s all we are going to need if we continue our way of recruiting players (main focus Trench players). First priority: LB/WR Second priority: Defensive Backs Third priority: Trench men.


nice content it was really entertaining


great video I loved it

Jaden Beauchamp

Howie stop playin go up and get jerry jeudy

    Kevin Bryant


Joey Beattie

Imo it would be a massive waste of an asset to draft Mims or Reagor at 21.


    I wouldn’t say massive waste I think it would be a slight reach but they’re both good prospects I wouldn’t mind trading down 5ish spots and grabbing one of them depending on how the chips fall


If you don’t trade up for Lamb Juedy or Ruggs then imo Howie missed out on talent yet again not saying like a Hamler or a Reagor is a good pick but they might take time to develop in the league the top 3 WR are day one starters in the league MLB can wait to the 3 or 4th round CARSON needs weapons period! He needs his Julio or Devante he needs and he deserves his WR1

Worthy 78

Anyone notice, that most premier WR have hardly ever gone in the 1st rounds. If I were picking, I’d go & get that LB from The Sooners.


As soon as I learn to get comfortable with the idea of drafting K Murray, 3 different WRs are rumoured to be targeted.

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