LIVE: Cowboys OT #WASvsDAL

COWBOYS POSTGAME: Hear from Coach Garrett and the DallasCowboys locker room following WASvsDAL

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Slim Versace214 Reply

How bout them mavericks

    Angel Carrasco Reply

    Them and the stars the only teams from dallas that actually give a damn

Jon Statton Reply

Fire Garrett!!!

    Ray Clark Reply

    @jarjon76 What’s sad is the morons that can’t see Garrett getting the cowboys into a championship game in 10 years! LOL dunce

    Ray Clark Reply

    @Asmodeus You honestly think Garrett’s contract ceased immediately at the conclusion of this game? Very doubtful, so he can still be fired since he’s not there cleaning out his office but will be in the next few days. Guaranteed

    Asmodeus Reply

    Ray Clark no, his contract didn’t end immediately after the game, it ends on Wednesday. They’re not going to fire someone who doesn’t have a contract going forward, they will simply choose to not extend him

    Ray Clark Reply

    @Asmodeus No you dumbshit, his contract expires immediately after the 2019 season has ended. February 2, 2020. Google dumbshit…

    Asmodeus Reply

    Ray Clark how inferior are you that you resort to name calling? Hahah his contract ends on Wednesday, it’s all over the internet. Nice try tho, better luck next time

De Mi Reply

It’s starts at 1:25

Nak K Reply

Go ahead and clap coach for being mediocre

    jarjon76 Reply

    Jason Garrett lives in your head rent free.

    Mister Reply

    jarjon76 he lives in all Cowboys fans heads. We had to witness his mediocre coaching for 10 straight years…

    Ray Clark Reply

    @jarjon76 Beats the dead space between your ears. Garrett sucks and he’s gone!

ApolloTheLeader Reply

Finally its over

Cristianoo Dayz Reply

Nate had me so hyped on Friday😒


Time to clean house Jerry.

    Kalin Rafaes Reply

    AJ BOOMER Yep, that whole coaching staff needs to be wiped

Mark V Reply

Let’s clean house now!!!

Brenda Fain Reply

Too little too late! This one cut deep. We should have played like this the whole year. God! Honestly, I am glad we don’t have to hear haters saying the Giants helped us win the division. We all know it was coming. Time to move on.

Chad Cook Reply

Keep Quin!!!!! He’s the best rusher we have!

Mister Reply

Hopefully someone nice drops to pick 17 for Dallas

    Cuervo 518 Reply

    Hoping delpit or Simmons

bigbossinjd Reply

Come back stronger next year

Ray Ban Reply

Why didn’t they stand tall last week when it mattered? Coaching maybe?

    TheSalv1 Reply

    exactly where were they when it mattered all they had to do was beat a depleted eagles team what a joke

Gregory Williams Reply

When you lose close games that’s coaching, not playing good situational football

Kalin Rafaes Reply

4 8-8s amazing

Casper Perez Reply

Time to bring a new generation of coaches

Travis Abadie Reply

The entire coaching staff needs to go

Wayne Jeffery Reply

The kicker felt good too and next day he’s gone

Monae Moments Reply

Love you Witten. Thank you!

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