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What’s with the title?

Onmi 07

Lions 19-0 next year I’m calling it

Panda Power 2

Can bob Quinn go after a defensive pass rushing lineman like Chase Young? And also get some better offensive lineman with quicker feet and the will to play.

Joe Galloway

So I dont care if you hated Caldwell or you loved him. Bob Quinn made it perfectly clear 9-7 is not good enough. I’m not going to say Caldwell should of stayed even though I liked him but I will say it doesn’t matter how you feel or what you think about Caldwell or Patricia if the general manager makes a statement by saying 9-7 is not good enough why is Patricia still the coach and obviously he was lying about the record being important because since he made that statement we haven’t come close to 9-7.

    Twentykixx _

    Joe Galloway, Caldwell was respected by the players and had a team built in part by better coaches. All the while he had Megatron and a few decent athletes in there on both sides of the ball. So yes there was some parity to consider here, but nothing worth noting. Caldwell, was never gonna get it done and frankly going to the playoffs just to get run over doesn’t cut it. It’s a heart breaker every year. Might as well clear the roster and try again. In fact, the team needs to be sold so it can be a winner, the Fords are cursed for what they did to Barry. Sad but true, same as what happened with the Bambino and the Red Socks.

Lion Rumble 81

These players are green we have to purge and find some gems this offseason! Keep the faith Pride!

Josh Jackson

I hate to say it but “Patricia you’re gonna need at least 9-10 wins to show some improvement next year or this fan base is gonna run you out of town.”

joe mckinnon

Theres a interview out there on “the pride podcast” on spotify with ex tight end Hakeem Valles where he says Patricia is a horrible coach hated by the players.Sounds like hes a monster an they definitely wont run thru a wall for him…They want him gone.


    Last time I checked aren’t these players millionaires? I don’t know about anyone else but I expect NFL players to be professionals so I don’t give a damn if they like the coach!! If they don’t want to bust their butts they can go, honestly.

    joe mckinnon

    @STEVEN HEMINGER I get it,thats why in the interview they ask him do any of the players say anything when he talks to them the way he does,he says no one says anything cause of how much money they will lose if they act up possibly getting cut etc…Just doesnt sound like the culture is too good right now because according to that player Patricia isnt professional with them.The other patriots that have come over said it wasnt like this over there,patricia is like bellicheck on STERIODS.

Dennis T

Defensive player and coach please.

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