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Lions react to Week 17 loss to Packers

Hear the highlights from the postgame locker room after the Lions lost their season finale 23-20 to the Green Bay Packers.

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Mr. Toxic

Hard fought and were getting a good draft pick

Vader Blaster

Lions react to Patricia being fired, please!!!!!

Fearthespear 75

Marvin needs comfort

BLacK Rose641

Dam snacks , its all good . take your time get healthy than go from there.

    Dominic Collins

    Let’s GOOO 3rd round draft pick for the Lions

    BLacK Rose641

    @Dominic Collinsyea Quinn is money in the third round, and he got a extra one this year

    Andres Cruz

    Snacks probably gonna retire

    Lion Rumble 81

    We paid him for what exactly! There’s a reason the giants let him go!

    Dominic Collins

    @Andres Cruz no probably not

Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

I love my Detroit Lions. This game was well played with no corrupt officiating. Lions’s offense and defense played very well. Go Detroit Lions👍🏾🏈. See you next season!

    Matt Powell

    Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles as a packers fan…. I do wish your team the best. I’m looking forward to duke it out more next year. Best of luck

    Jerry W

    There’s a sucker born every minute.


    Die hard LIONS fan over here. I love my LIONS too

Ace Outlaw

Darius Slay is the truth he told it how it is…
Harrison I wish more players had the heart like you do and love for the game there are so many players that cheat the game nobody will ever say that you did it

Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

Next season we are all on the same page – we will play for a championship!

We will play like Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders did on and off the field.

We will approach the season not just as entertainers but as champions.

We fans will come out, tune in and/or watch our Detroit Lions’s games each week from a championship perspective.

Go Detroit Lions 👍🏾🏈

This was an entertaining and great game. For once the officials did not cheat in favor of the Packers. The Detroit were the better team.

Angelo Ljuljduraj

WE NEED a new DC



    Lions Bitch

    We need a new front office and new owner

David Dubois

My heart and prayers go out to Marvin and his family. god bless him and his parent should ever have to bury there child

Wallace Wallace

Packer fan here but much respect for the Lions. They will be a FORCE next year and, as they were this year, feared!

Sharon Ayers

Detroit Lions played great today !!! That was a real Nail biter game!!! They can be proud !!!


love snacks but lotta happiness behind him in that locker room I would expect a little more subdued environment

Lee Chang

reporters can be heartless a$$holes, gotta get the story and let the man suffer on camera.

    Jacob Olson

    Not one asked if he needs a moment

Collin Z

Damn big fella (AKA Snaks) remember at the beginning of the year when you were arguing with people at social media about you been serving the tables for so long so you can get a new contract well you got it. Now from the words of the Dwayne Johnson (AKA) the Rock the older you get you have to work twice as hard to get the same result or batter on the field you my man Snacks look like you Chillaxed al the off-season eating donuts, fast food and also missed the training camp as well. Father time is real it catches all of us by surprise

Jacob Olson

00:54 loved that

Jacob Olson

3:04 :,(

D Knights

Slay low key sounds like he wants outttttt


We wit you Snacks 💪🏽

Kristopher McAlpine

From giants to hear u are a well respected man ur decision is ur so be proud and glad for urself

jimmy e

Happy new year to Jim Caldwell

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