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Lions react to the 2019 season

Lions players share their thoughts during locker room clean-out day on how the 2019 season ended.

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Ur Mums Best Friend

I love kgxix

Andre Crosby

Onepride can’t wait for my 3 season at Ford Field

    Brushing 4GREATNESS

    One Losing Pride😖

Gregory Megatron

Gimme some kool aid I’m already excited for next season

Joe Mayo

Every team in the in NFL when they see Detroit on their schedule marks it down as a win.. Teams a joke. Thank you

Christian Marens

the futures bright here in detroit

whats up America

No hope Stafford retire your back is jacked up … will never be good to go with your back and no offensive line or running game …..injuries have messed this team up and front office with the Diggs trade a shame of an organization and ownership
2020 it will be the same ….people need to stop going to the games at Ford field if this Team is not focus on winning games and show the Ford family we are sick of the results…….keep filling up Ford Field people and we will never have a winning team …..

    Andre The Giant

    Honestly man no one is gonna stop going to the games. Parents that have kids are gonna buy tickets and WILL go to the games. Unfortunately. I remember when my dad took me to a game the season the lions went 0-16 it was the game against the Jags. Stadium was half empty.

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