Lions could look to Senior Bowl roster to bolster defensive front – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Younos Ali

I love the Detroit Lions I love how they play and how they act I hope that they go to the Superbowl next year

    yayo badass

    Hahahahaha Lions nt goin to the SB next hell we be lucky if we get to the playoff

Jack Miller


Mommy Dolly

Kinlaw is going to be a hellava nfl pro.


Struggle is a understatement


I’d love to get kinlaw in the later rounds. Really hope we get Simmons with our first pick. I think his style of play and versatility is a perfect fit for Patricia’s defense.

    Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

    Kinlaw goin top 10 from what im hearing. Maybe an option if we trade down with say Carolina

    Thomas Donner

    BEN DIESEL Kinlaw will be gone by the middle to late first rd.


We gonna sign Tommy B as free agent, trade Staff to Chargers for #6 pick, take Tua #3, take Brown #6, win Super Bowl 55 with Tommy B and Super Bowl 56 with Tua. Drink em down boys, drink em down!!!!!!!!


im still Torn.

do we take Brown, Okudah, or the Oline guy from Georgia? drawing

we have teh Proverbial Pick Of the Litter. and of course, as always.

every draft pick is a Coin Flip. gotta figure out who is the good one!

and who isn’t as good. at least for OUR needs. which one is the best fit for our immediate needs?

and who can we get down the line to fill the needs we WONT with our 1st round pick?

gotta answer both questions.

    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    bigbabyzubas trade down for kinlaw and Simmons


    @Thomas Donner Draft Tua?

    OOF, not with ya on that.


    @Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß I’d only trade down if we got At least 2 picks for it. So yea, Let’s pick up 2 for 1.

    Thomas Donner

    bigbabyzubas I understand, but when u have 3 Teams right behind us that NEED A QB, and HE – TUA is regarded as just as good as the first pick, YOU TAKE TUA, and hold him for ransom.
    You may get the first rounder you want AND ADDITIONAL PICKS.


    @Thomas Donner OK, I get your logic.

    its quite the gamble. id say trade the pick down to whoever wants Tua, get a BUNCH of picks, and jsut have fun the the lower rounds.

    I jsut see it like those 1st round choices at Defense, even after Chase is off the board, looks great! we have the pick of the Litter at 3!

    if we can trade down for enough choices? at least 3 picks for the number 3. thats how much its worth.

    so I can see holding the Pick itself for ransom too.

Thomas Donner

Don’t care how good the players are – it seems as though they will lose this game, why? Lions Coaches

Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

Lots of players here that fit what we want. One guy that doesn’t though who im hoping we get in like the 3rd is Uche. We can build him up weight wise, idk if we can find someone similar speed wise beyond our first pick

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