Lindsay Rhodes Impersonates Mike Mayock While Discussing 2020 Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lindsay Rhodes Impersonates Mike Mayock While Discussing 2020 Draft's Eddie Paskal sits down with NFL Network's Lindsay Rhodes to discuss the NFL Draft in Las Vegas, General Manager Mike Mayock, defensive end Maxx Crosby, and have a surprise visit from former Raider Marcel Reece.

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Thomas Latimer

Stick to her job lol

    Smiths Grove

    I’ve got a job for her 😁

    Bill Cosby

    She can give me a job

    Smiths Grove

    @Bill Cosby Now Bill, you’ve had your fun. Let us young cats take a prowl at it πŸ™‚ Cosby’s say the damnedest things LMFAO

la tulipe noire

She’s smart and savvy it’s refreshing

Bo Greene

Always kinda had a crush on Lindsay lol

    Smiths Grove

    She’s low-key very pretty. And there is nothing more sexy then a smart, beautiful woman who knows football. God bless her.

    Bill Lozier

    I can see why. Me too.

    Hugo Montenegro

    Especially when she rocks the black leather pants and the high heals πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


If your a Die Hard Raider how are you supposed to be excited about The Super Bowl with The Whiners and Briefs ?πŸ™πŸΎβ€β™‚πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚πŸ—£TRASH!!!πŸ—‘ πŸΉβ›πŸ—‘ Either Way you look at it πŸ˜‘

    Hugo Montenegro

    JEWELS OF LIFE I feel the pain brother could care less about this Super Bowl


    @Hugo Montenegro I can’t wait until next season. I would love to see Carr prove The Band Wagons and Haters wrong


    Well at least one of them loses πŸ‘. I hold my nose but go KC


Devin White over Ferrell


I’m a giant Raiders fan, but there is no way that Maxx Crosby is as good as Nick Bosa. Nick Bosa is a top 5 Defensive End already in all the league. Stop kidding yourself! 4 sacks vs a trash Chargers O-Line. There should still be a boatload of pressure on Cle this new year; I hope he can step it up.


    Top 5 DE? Lmao you are out of your mind.

    Mack, Donald, Joey Bosa, Danielle Hunter, Heyward, Garrett, Watt, Campbell, Ingram, Chris Jones, Cam Jordan are all better than him lmao

    Bill Lozier

    Max has said he plans to bulk up during the off season. If he does that’s a great deal.

    Jo Ha

    There are things that max does better than Bosa. Like anticipation and pass deflections. Bosa seems much more explosive and powerful at this point in his career.

    Willi six

    Khalil Mack is better than all of the foods that were mentioned here! RAIDER NATION!

    Bill Lozier

    @Willi six if Mack was in this years draft hell yes. He got drafted then traded because he was all about the money. If you dont get that I cant help you. Raiders baby! Mack is on some bs team now as Raiders make playoffs. Enjoy your money K.M. You can afford a Superbowl ticket now! Lol

Davis .Clan

no impression..but liked the interview,,and now i know her

Davis .Clan

i like her honest way..just says her mind


I still say Houston Oilers lol


Lindsay’s hot.


    Are you blind?

    Joshua scott

    @JustPlaying2020 hes probably 60 years old πŸ˜‚

Ser Winzzalot

Yes we need rhodes!!

Connor McVey

In Mayock we trust! ☠


That was so cool seeing Marcel Reece show up at the end!

Theron Redfearn

As always, one great show !


Your a fan of whos who not the Raider. Your paid to think of the Raider. Dont put anyone in our face and anyone on our team. They become just yes man/woman. The wave of reporting the same thing. She wont be real with us. These are general answers. And all the news since we had josh had been about josh. Everyone is scripted.

    Glen Todd

    Ignorant comment with no factual basis.

Real Richmond

They are trying to hard to push this Vegas into our heads.

Ariel Zuniga

Shes hella fine

The Joker

I officialy have a new crush

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