Lil’ Red Reporters Ask Tough Questions to Kyler Murray, Larry Fitzgerald | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
one shot one kill 28

1st comment go cards

one shot one kill 28

LETS GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!

Axd3s H3rn

Murray: “Lion, king of the jungle”



3rd comment? GO CARDS

travis hartwell

Can’t wait for 2020 let’s go Cardinals

one shot one kill 28

Larry fitzgerald:im sweating cause i saw your list

    Brodha Sattva

    He knew the kid was gonna ask him if hes comin back next year

    one shot one kill 28

    Good one

one shot one kill 28

Best qb kyler murray
Best wide receiver fitzgerald

one shot one kill 28

Kid: whats your favriote Pokemon
Kyler murray: charzard
And why was fitz sweating so much

one shot one kill 28

Lion:king of the jungle
Kyler murray: king of the nfl
Go cards!!!!!

Louie Lugo

One more season with Kyler Murray after 2020. Watch! He cant be done after this. Larry legend


Charizard! That’s my Quarterback💪

Antonio Gutierrez

Why did it get so emotional with DJ’s humphries message? Lol

Stavo AZ

D.J Humphreys man!

Tom Donlan

Sad that the kid had no idea what ‘Doug’ is – what a programme that is/was.

Jordan Ochoa

I got a pic with this guy

Brodha Sattva

Justin Pugh is incredibly well spoken. I can see him be in media after he retires

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