Lavonte David Postgame Victory Speech Following Colts Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lavonte David Postgame Victory Speech Following Colts Game

Watch as LB Lavonte David addresses the team following the Bucs' victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

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Z Chaos

We need to find a way to keep jpp


    We have more than enough money in the off season. I’d give him a 3 year extension worth like 36-38 in a heartbeat.

    Oscar Bogran

    @OneBucPerson We need to save some money for our DL. Most of our guys’ contract expires after this season.

Levi Harrison


Complete Chaos


Joel V

This is a team learning how to finally WIN games we’re supposed to win. Bringing BA and Todd Bowles was the best thing to happen to this team.


Dam we shoulda made the playoffs.. we finally turning the ship around! Go Bucs!!!

Clay Geiger

GO BUCS Bucs nation lets finish the season strong 3 games left Its a Bucs life yall

Goomsquadnation 420

Now just draft tua!!!

After Asteroid Survivor

Lions are trash.


    So that’s officially it right.. we eliminated ??

    After Asteroid Survivor

    MexiKingiCon yeah. I think it’s over this season. Vikings needed to lose and they won against the lions.

Matthew Williams

Love jpp gotta keep’em go Bucs!!!! Arrrrrrrhh!!!!!

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