Lavonte David Mic’d Up vs. Atlanta | Bucs vs. Falcons Week 17 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I love when even the opposing team recognizes that the defense is getting better

Adam Bub

Do a compilation of every shaq barrett sack this year


Most underrated NFL player of the decade.

    Jay Els

    Kubush definitely

    Will Johnson

    We start winning they gonna have to recognize what us Bucs fans already know. THAT BOY A BEAST!

    Justin Gardner

    Without question. It’s not even a debate. He was my favorite player since the podium announced we have a trade – I knew, just KNEW it was to get him and he was all I wanted that year. Just hope he doesn’t have the Paul Gruber career. Team gets decent on his way out.

    Biskit Bunch

    Justin Gardner im pretty sure he wants to be a buccaneer his whole career and has like 3 year left on his contract. I read an article the other day saying the bucs are trying to extend him until like the 2025 season which I hope is true

Joe Torrez

Future HOFer right there, Bucs fans!! LVD54 💪😠👊

Everton Harvey

2:02 The big guy with the towel😂

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