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Rodney Mondaine

Niners haven’t played anybody good yet so don’t get your hopes up


I just want the Rams to win !!! Not Lose !

C/o99 RamsFan

You sir have to be losing sleep for the rest of the season, you have one job. This O-Line is far from intimidating, they need a spark!

Total Football Talk

Want to improve the OL Trade for Trent William’s, cut Havenstien this OL is awful we have ignored it for to long. Worst RT in the NFL, career back up RG starting in Blythe, LT playing LG. This year will be a long one. The 49ers have a solid front four we have Aaron Donald. Remember we lost to the Buccaneers. The BUCCANEERS? Please stop pretending like we are a great team. We are average at best due to that OL.

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