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Daniel Coronado

Let’s go Rams time for redemption after last season. Time to punch everyone in the mouth this year

    Dude Ranch


    jake tim

    Goodluck going against the niner this year, they a different team

Sojo R

To Les Snead: The fans just want a winning team, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed (whatever that means)..etc., it doesnt matter. The Dr Pepper man can score the winning TD for all we care, just pick the best players for the team. Leave your personal, alabama emotions out of it😠! Thanks!


    Hey I want to win just as much as you do, but to me, it really matters HOW we win. For example I wouldn’t want an Antonio Brown on our team

    Sojo R

    @MrBread ok

Troy Lindsey


David Mata

A lot of talking heads and quasi NFL analyst youtuber’s out there picking the Rams as the 8th best team in the league. WOW talk about disrespectful. Some even have the 49ers as the NFC West best team. You can’t make this up.


Thanks for giving questions mics!

Eric Litster

Love Coach McVay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devin Pederson

I’m a hawks fan but I couldn’t help but be a 🐏 fan. GO 🐏 !!!!!!

robert feeley

Yes focus on this year.

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