#LARams LIVE: Sean McVay Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Wildman Samurai


Eric Underwood

RAMS will as they have always done…play Seattle well and beat the Seahawks..

    Eric Underwood

    @paperbag mask Or you could just ask any REAL Seahawks fan

    Eric Underwood

    @paperbag mask have you ever been to a football game…?

    Uncle Shannon

    paperbag mask rams were beating the Seahawks even when they were trash lmao


    @paperbag mask good points…but don’t respond to children 🙂


I hope goff’s arm is ok after the massive throw

Uncle Shannon

Why draft Henderson if you’re not gonna use him I think he would be a big help

Stretch Holmes

This is a must dominate game

    chronic tonic

    no its just win, a division rival usually isn’t going to be an easy one, especially the seahawks.

Yumi Tokushige

PF 117, PA 104

Mark Jorgensen

Better get the o-line to tighten the screws or the season could be very disappointing!!!

Kainen Riley

Sean McVay you’re a genius

    Dude Ranch

    Kainen Riley he was til his game plan has been figured out. It seems like he has trouble adjusting to these other team adjustments, and playing seattle is a test for hos playcalling and see if can adjust

Kainen Riley

I also love Jared Goff

3818 transfers

These press conference’s are pretty much useless when you can’t hear the questions. Billion dollar league and they cant get someone to run another mic ??


Love you McVay, but try not to show so much love to your opponents. I mean definitely show respect to them, but when it comes down to it, you want to win! Showing too much appreciation for an opponent can have a negative effect on your own players.

David McConnell

Go Hawks!

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