Landry & Chubb Named to 2020 Pro Bowl | Browns 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Landry & Chubb Named to 2020 Pro Bowl | Browns 2 Minute Drill

Andrew Gribble reveals that running back Nick Chubb and wide receiver Jarvis Landry have been named to the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

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Dawg Check. Btw First🐶✅


Congrats to Jarvis Landry and Nick chubb

Craig Cundiff

Nice…🐕👈I’m watching Jarvis on Club 46 right now actually . ✔


Second congratulations

Hyseen Easley

Lol im second

We do Productions

Plz respond I love the browns I have baker and Odells jersey

    Edward Gaines

    Burn your Odell jersey.

    That Uberistic Nigerian

    Edward Gaines damn

Tafari TVlive247

I’m 2nd

Joe Burrow Highlights

I’m a proud LSU fan 🔥

    Edward Gaines

    Are you proud of OBJ? 😀

cherry bomb

Baker Mayfield needs to get used to Odell then he will be successful

    Edward Gaines

    No, Odell needs to get used to being a team player.

    cherry bomb

    @Edward Gaines true he hasn’t had a lot of those problems this year tho

    cherry bomb

    @Joe Hubbs he gets bad passes when he wide open and get good passes when he ant open

    cherry bomb

    @Liberty Outdoor Adventures bad throws two Baker isn’t who he used to be

    Slime Peso

    @Liberty Outdoor Adventures i disagree baker passes are awful to high major2of the time obj not that tall bro

Austin Miller

Good for them they really deserve it to go to the pro bowl

C Jizzle BMG

Niceeee 💯💪🏾🔥


This team is sad

    XxTheAnimalxX 633

    No the head coach is sad

Tim Zahler

Id debate NFL ever again if odell played in the pro bowl smh…sealy has had more tds last 2 games than odell all season


    Tim Zahler calm down skip

    Tim Zahler

    @Hush you hush lol

Tim Zahler

Chubb is the truth! Him and myles Garrett are 2 that you just dont let go.. And make sure to hookup hunt w a contract he perfect w chubb and a legit offensive minded coach omg bet baker haters will be silenced

    Slime Peso

    Unfortunately they keeping freedie

Joe Hubbs

Well-deserved for Landry and Chubb. Mack Wilson looks like he’ll get there someday, but OBJ doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the Pro Bowl. The guy is a passive-aggressive brat, and clearly the furthest thing from a leader. Send him and Freddie packing, John.


    Joe Hubbs lmfao y’all children. If I don’t agree with you all the sudden I have a crush on him???? Lmfao you kno you fucking 11 if that’s how you put two and two together hahaha

    Something Something

    U spittin straight facts

    Slime Peso

    @Hush faxts

    Edward Gaines

    @Joe Hubbs Oops!


Yup Odell asking for a trade fo sho.


    Edward Gaines yeah he wants to win winning ain’t part of Cleveland that’s for sure

    Ethan Stewart

    Hush it wasn’t a part of A New York either so what’s the difference

    Charles Jones Sr.

    OBJ was named an alternate.

    Slime Peso

    @Edward Gaines obj is not the problem its the coach and baker throwing picks and going bck and fourth with the media like shut up and go play football


Can we trade our coach for draft picks? If so, I think I speak for all Browns fans in saying; We’ll settle for a 2028 7th round pick. Get it done Dorsey #Browns

    bowhunter 1

    Damn rite I wud be happy if they would trade him for 2 dollars

Dewayne Cooper

Myles garrett was gonna make it for sure smh

Tranquility Base

Pay these guys and get a real new coaching staff! Ownership needs to wake up.

Robert Janko

These are the giveaways for the looser teams. I dont care for these so called “titles”, they mean nothing. This team is allways breaking up to fight in any close game, they have no winning culture. Its a shame!

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