Lamar Punishes Cleveland w/ 2 TDs in 2 Minutes – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Punishes Cleveland w/ 2 TDs in 2 Minutes

Lamar Jackson finds a rhythm as he throws 2 touchdowns to Mark Andrews in under 2 minutes. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Ravens Browns

Mike S

Cleveland Browns are a cursed team.

    Carolina Howard

    Mike S I blame Baker mayfield πŸ’―

    Melvin Melvin

    No ya goof the Cleveland Browns are NOT cursed team! The Cleveland Browns have MORONS in the front office. You trying to make it sound like its magic you are a goof! Cursed? HAHAHAHA Geebusss


    Are u ok?

    Coby Matthews

    Yeah just lioe that team from Detroit

Marijuana Pepsi


Ryan Pennington

But can he throw his team to victory from tha pocket derp

    Classic Corporation

    Ryan Pennington yes. Yes he can

    Melvin Melvin

    HA you heard somebody say that hahahah what a goof!

    A K

    Ryan Pennington

    Stolen comment

Dr Phot


Keith Benjamin

That second td the acc and touch and trajectory he threw it right over the defenders head πŸ‘Œ

    LizardSquad Dreazi

    Andrews is 6’5 is there any other place to put the ball but over someones head. Lamar is the truth though

    Keith Benjamin

    LizardSquad Dreazi jus sayin the fact he was able to do it and put it on him was impressive

InTheShadowz 99

0:25 big truss #RavensNation

Diamond Moore

Remember dummy’s saying how lamar got beat by baker mayfeild this year like that made him the better Qb?πŸ’€πŸ’€ WEIRDOS


    @Diamond Moore But now the Baker Mayfield fans are going to say β€œLamar didn’t beat Baker, he beat the Browns’ defense”.

    Diamond Moore

    @DonKrieg95 exactly lmaooo and all the “experts” who said all week browns beat them are gonna down play the win today


0:49 thats as good of chemistry a QB and WR/TE could have

bru Bna

There he goes again. The browns tried to stop his runs. Did you know he had shot guns? He could run with his guns.


Mvp.. No question

Lars Honeytoast

Ah the master race at it again … hating on Lamar Jackson.

George Carter

There can’t be anymore doubt by anyone can there? The guy is MVP of the league doesn’t matter who wins the Super Bowl.

    Post Stalone

    George Carter sort like, idk, there’s a super bowl mvp award πŸ€”

Damon Harper

Lamar ! I always believed in you . In the playoff loss to the Chargers the Ravens failed you by not letting you throw the ball until the 4th quarter

Nehemiah Howard

I was worried at first, championship week

Montrell Swazy

Lamar Jackson is Special

EL Plagua

I remember hearing this line all off season and beginning of the season
“BaKeR iS eLiTe AnD bEtTeR tHaN lAmAr” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tara Plock

You know white males are PUNCHING THE AIR right now.. They havr a serious grudge against Lamar

    C Ramirez

    We know whats punchin your air right now

    Tyler Cross

    Tara Plock only if they are browns or Steelers fans lol. Not sure why you think white males want him to fail, maybe you have different experiences but I’ve never met anyone like that. Quite the opposite actually


Great googly moogly, shhh, keep it on the DL Hughley

Ben Fardin

Cleveland so good they’re gonna get a Bye all the way to September of next season..

Baker Mayfield for MVP !!!

Austin Huffine

Remember when everyone is saying *insert anything being said about Lamar Jackson being doubted*

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