Lamar Jackson: Teams Need to ‘Chill Out’ on Greg Roman | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson: Teams Need to ‘Chill Out’ on Greg Roman | Baltimore Ravens

Quarterback Lamar Jackson talks about his mentality entering the playoffs and how he's staying sharp during the bye week after dealing with the flu.

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Augie N.

Stay healthy and stay hungry for that W.

    Matt Mooda

    He said he’s Starving now


First like😈😈lets goo big trusss

    ZayKing 56



    ZayKing 56 🤪

6ix Luvlist


Jot Jolt

Greg Roman needs to stay ! How we just gonna promote him , then Outta no where people are interested?


    Jot Jolt success duh lol that’s what it does

    Yeshua Dean

    Its more about taking him away from lamar then anything honestly

    R Kelly Innocent

    Yeshua Dean yea exactly, nothing new they did the same to the patriots staff

    The Spiritual SmartAss

    Make GRo a billionaire Idc whatever the price is

    Beau Man

    They need to find their own damn coach. They want wink too.

WM Productions

I’m a chiefs fan and I love this ravens team.

    Lewis 970

    @Casino Life Yeah I hear ya! The Ravens should be the SB champs this year. I know we can beat, the Pats/Bills/Texans/Titans. But Mahomes is scary good, and KC has added TSizzle.

    Hans 818 - USA

    Thank you. The Chiefs are not to shabby themselves.

    Nathan Niemczyk

    We shall see y’all in the championship game

    Vossler Henrick

    Your chiefs are overrated!

    Vossler Henrick

    @Nathan Niemczyk The chiefs are a one and done playoff team this year. Their D is going to be exposed by actual good offenses!

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

90% of NFL Teams are PERFECTLY Ok with drafting the Status Quo. The 10% of teams who draft accordingly are all doing well

    Association of Free People

    Like Dak and Jameis? What are you saying? You think Burrow will be trash?

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @Association of Free PeopleYes Borrow will be GARBAGE!! He had 1 good year on a POWER HOUSE!! Those QBs never pan out.. Dak has 26 TD passes and 7 INTs with a 99 QB Rating🤣🤣 and Winston is better than 85% of starting QBs. Have you seen Duck,Rudolph,Mayfield,The Lions,Jets,Jag’s,Raiders,Rams play🤣🤣 I can’t even watch those games. Dip and dunk all game and go 3 and out🤣🤣 and wonder why they suck and lose..

It doesn't matter who I am...

Lamar is so humble that it physically hurts me lol

    Live From Apartment 22


    Anthony Walker

    He has to be, haters are looking for anything to destroy him since it hasn’t happened on the field.

Cody Green

Such humility and humbleness ravens fans we are spoiled with L-Jack.


Great to see Luke Jones. WNST is a legendary Baltimore radio station. Alot of personalities you hear on 105.7 came from wnst

Jada F

Here for the whole 11:41, but the question is asked and answered at 6:55-7:18 🤗


    You are the real MVP.

    Jada F

    dramatish you’re welcome


    I appreciate you for that. You’re awesome.

    Jada F

    MulattoBravo any time🤗

    Joshua M


Mahni Wave

Exactly 😐chill out on all that talk we doing something right now🤞🏾

Ben Valenzuela

Been loving this season and feel like the team is a band of brothers, but we ain’t done yet! 0-0, we only need the one win that matters!!


Love this kid and that neck, damn son. Sick work ethics payin off.


    johnnypk1963 Lamar my favorite player but damn 💀💀 boi got stung in the neck

    Alfred Demola

    @OVOTakeCare that’s why he wont get injured. Dude’s neck just absorbs the hit

    Beau Man

    Hed knock a giraffe out with it. Carrying the offense on his back. Lol

Allen Bennett

I’m live Pittsburgh, I am a die heart Steeler fan. But it’s hard not to root for this man.

Oui Bay

Lamar is funny as hell and when he starts winning titles hes gonna let loose on the media.


Bro can y’all actually imagine if they win the Superbowl this year HOLYYYYYY 😱😱😱


    I don’t want to hear nobody’s negative excuses “well such an such” “but they…” WHO CARES. If we win look out😈😈


We need to keep the staff,  Ravens can be the next dynasty

Rick S

“That’s pretty dope!” You can’t even get from Columbia.

Edgar Shelton

Every game is the Superbowl until you get there! – L. Jackson

    Chris Windham

    That quote will go down as legendary if we win it all this year.


    @Chris Windham To add to draft night quote.

Don Turner

Lamar is what the city of Baltimore needs right now. Stay blessed young man!

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