Lamar Jackson on Whether He’ll Play Next Week | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson on Whether He’ll Play Next Week | Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson talks about how he'll remember his regular season and breaks down his unbelievable touchdown pass under pressure.

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Abdul Saadiq

That’s my QB!! All time Ravens TD leader. Big Truss

    Alejandro Rease

    Yes Sir, and its his first yr starting

    Chucky Black

    T.O’s voice

    Abdul Saadiq

    Alejandro Rease – Crazy to even fathom 🙌🏽

    Abdul Saadiq

    Chucky Black – 😅😅😅

Jovian Kennedy

Hope he doesn’t play. We have everything we set out for except the super bowl

    Gobe Long

    I watch a lot of games over the years to know that you do not rest your players

    Ron Jones

    RGlll Time

    King Markbarry

    Nah I understand but the Steelers don’t deserve playoffs with them trash Backup qbs so I think he should play 2 qtr’s that’s it.

Julian Shipp Jr

Don’t be dumb Ravens rest our starters

    Trell Got Bandz

    The colts rested their team in the last game and lost in the divisional with Peyton Manning in 2005 and 07

    mr coolc

    @Wolfie Thegameyt I much rather play the Titans because they haven’t played Lamar Yet.

    King Markbarry

    Nah Steelers don’t deserve playoffs we gotta destroy them and sweep them

    King Markbarry

    Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio 😂😂 facts

Marcus Zakes

RIP to all the ankles broken this year by this man🤣😈💯

    Sean Swinton

    And Lamar is just getting warmed up. Can’t wait for the playoffs. Get your popcorn ready!

    Brian Noland

    Marcus Zakes This just in, sporting good stores begin offering ankle trade-ins due to high frequency of broke ones.

    Silver Gorilla Apparel Media Music


    Marcus Zakes Amen!

    E Rob

    And spirits lol

Thepistol offense

This team is Super Bowl Bound. Go Ravens

    Robert Mosley

    The entire playoffs goes thru my squad!!!!!! We’ll be waiting!!!!!! #RavensNation #PlaylikeaRaven 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mike Blick

    Chiefs beat both the Patriots and Ravens and are somehow the underdogs

    Alexander Gunn

    @Thomas Annulis kid


    All these Ravens fans saying SB bound is hilarious. The playoffs are a whole different season. And not to mention MI going down might be a little worrisome.


To all the fans #BIGTRUSS.

    Todd Brown

    jonathan94fresh #BIGTRUSS

    Ray Griffin

    Big Truss!!!!!

    Ryan Davis


Blacc R

Good game, started off slow, but the finish was great!!! Come bacc Ingram, we need you, Big Truss!!!

    primetime 2000

    What happened to mark?

    Pastor Lul

    @primetime 2000 acl tore

    flight 666

    @Pastor Lul WAS NOT

    flight 666

    @Pastor LulIT WAS CRAMPS

    Amen Knowtech

    @Pastor Lul bruised calf

kiyan west

no need to play any starters .. rest them … no disrespect to the steelers but we got bigger fish to fry

    Eazy Money

    @Adam Letschin , right on because 3 weeks is a long time to sit around, don’t wanna be rusty against the only other team besides Cleveland to beat the Ravens which is Kansas City

    ManBearPig YT

    @Chris Zona you mean the team that lost to the jets?

    Matt Mooda

    It’s up to coach

    El Poundo

    Rest for 3 weeks nah

    Matt Mooda

    @El Poundo atleast a Quarter or a half


Same as every Lamar Jackson press conference.
Press: Lamar what about that bad play?
Lamar: Oh it was my fault. I gotta do better.
Press: Lamar what about that great play?
Lamar: I got a great group of guys.

    Playthell Benjamin

    @midnyghtson TRUE! THIS KID IS AMAZING!!!

    Playthell Benjamin


    Playthell Benjamin

    @eli wol Lol! Yout candor is REFRESHING.

    Connie B

    Amazing kid. Total mama’s boy. Oh yeah. She’s his agent too. Gudos to mom.

Ben Valenzuela

As much as I want the win against the steelers, let them rest. We got the bigger picture on our mind.

    Marathon Mogul_

    Ben Valenzuela exactly

    jermerio sloan

    Set em outbthen lose then what

    Ben Valenzuela

    @jermerio sloan doesn’t matter, we still in the playoffs

Larry Bannerman

After all this time, with all of this technology, we STILL can’t get a microphone to reporters. We have to guess at what the questions are! Sometimes the PLAYERS have to guess what they are saying!
We are going to mars and no microphone for reporters.


    You remind me of a great bit of standup by Brian Regan, on how everyone blames the Moon for everyday problems.
    “They can put a man on the Moon but they can’t make a damn phone cord that won’t tangle!”

    Association of Free People

    Seriously. This is a billion dollar enterprise and they can’t bother to order a couple of $40.00 mics off Amazon.

    d bc

    @AT “The team always puts out a transcript after these press conferences, ”

    I turned on cc and I’m pretty sure it really butchered lamar’s actual words.


    @d bc Not CC, those are auto generated. The transcripts are on the baltimoreravens website.


Seeing an angry, disgusted Jim brown and the fans booing and flicking off the browns is making this one of my favorite Christmas memories ever!

    Randy Smith

    @Brian Noland everything you said is exactly right. I forgot that when Jack Kent Cook was the vote that kept us from getting the expansion team ( Remember when Tagliabue said to use the money to build a museum? ). Well, that’s all history now. I’m looking forward to cheering on my team to go to 3-0 in Super Bowl wins this year!
    Merry Christmas, my friend.


    Randy Smith to my knowledge(I looked it up again to verify I was right) the commissioner stepped in and brokered a settlement in which Cleveland keeps their name, history and gets an expansion team within 3 years. The nfl stepped in because Cleveland sued modell. So I’m not sure where you got your info but if you researched different, feel free to cite it.


    Randy Smith the reason Cleveland sued is because modells contract with the city had them playing there til 98. Tagliabue always aided against baltimore. He wanted us to he redskins fans. Anyway, I’m with you man, screw the browns, the ravens are winners. I’m glad they kept their history. Ours is better.

    Randy Smith

    @TheDCGuitar13 now that you mention it, you’re right. I completely forgot about Cleveland’s lawsuit and the NFL stepping in. Well, just like you said, I’m glad they did. Things worked out just fine. Cleveland has their (shitty) Browns back and we have a #1 seeded team! Thanks for setting me straight. Merry Christmas.


    Randy Smith merry Christmas. Screwing the browns is a present for everyone!

Kuya Rick Kelley

I love this dude and his honesty is refreshing. Play busted? He will take ownership. He will even walk you through his thought process on everything. He really is a special player. Totally focused on his goals and has a drive to improve we havent seen since Ray and Ed were here. Kid is hungry and I love it

    Jeff Williams

    Kuya Rick Kelley This kid has me fired up about the NFL again. Love this young man

    Connie B

    Mama’s boy but The Man.

Larry McMillan Jr.

after they mocked LJ (doing his td dance) the Browns never scored again… bitChes

    Matt Mooda

    Yea take it from the 49ers do not do that dance against the Ravens, you will regret it

    Kenneth Hamilton

    They mocked LJ’s dance because they’re to stupid come up with there own to celebration.


    @Debbie Crooks I couldn’t find that video on his IG.

    Larry McMillan Jr.

    @Jeremy Bear It made my day when I saw him dancing on the side line lol get n back at OBJ


Even when he has a so called bad game he still hits ya for 250 and 100 with 3 tds. Man is just another level ELITE

    Urkel DiCaprio

    LOUISVILLE CARDS you consider today a bad game?? He played really well they just started off slow


    @Urkel DiCaprio he said so called.

    Brian Noland

    I don’t think anyone was calling it a “bad game”. Slow start maybe.


Funny that Baker have a ton of commercial and Lamar have none.

    Malcom X

    Gary Lowe lmao

    Matt Mooda

    Lamar to busy working on his craft


    young sosa
    That’s the dumbest comment ever!!

    Connie B

    I saw him in some.

    Mason Brandon35

    Baker Looks Like An NFL QB…He Looks Like A RAPPER😬😬

Grid Iron Matrix

Wow the media really flipped sides.. now they on the band wagon.. #notbad4aRb needs to rest . Wow.. irony .. they never thought he would be this good.. EA gave him a 79 gold card now he is a 94 Blitz Master card.. 99 MVP card after he wins it.. let’s go Lamar.. We are proud of you young man

    Jude Scott

    @Brady M. mvp is a 99, ROTY is a 98 and the other awards are 98. the SBMVP just comes out a few days earlier (in madden)

    Jaylen Tatum

    ImSherk That’s great. We don’t need the madden curse affecting Lamar

    Caudahy Hall

    I’m a Jackson fan I been a fan since college

    Brady M.

    @Jude Scott last year mahomes was 98 so I’m basing it on that

    PushTo STARt

    I picked him in the last round of my fantasy draft, shows you how many ppl were sleeping on him, I ended up dropping him cuz I had brees and Rodgers, and ended up losing to the team that picked him up in the championship. I knew he was a baller but damn, honestly think him and CMC should be co mvps

Primrose Redmond

That’s why I want him to win soooooo bad because of all the criticism he takes…just think about this…HE’S ONLY 22YRS OLD AND GOING TO BE BETTER THAN WHAT HE IS!!!! RAVENS NATION

    Jiggy Jay

    TactzyX It’s They’re**

    Jiggy Jay

    Reel Deal no doubt he’s going to be so big things if and only if they keep the same coaches


    Jiggy Jay thanks bud


    Depending who they go against in the playoffs and if Lamar and his team don’t tilt


    He got criticism before this season but now he’s one of the most beloved players in the NFL he’s getting no criticism what are you talkin about

Corndius Allen

Sniper gang

michael blackston

This young kid Lamar Jackson is hungry to go to the Super Bowl, he’s been very impressive the past several weeks! I feel like he’s going to make history of some sort in this Baltimore team! I believe in this man and he’s gonna lead this team to the Super Bowl and win it!

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