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Lamar Jackson Makes the Tackle on His Own INT

Lamar Jackson makes the tackle on his own INT and gets called for a penalty. The Tennessee Titans take on the Baltimore Ravens during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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NFL cried uploading this

    tito thomas

    Dustin Dansie you’re taking this deeper than what it needs to be😂 relax little guy

    that's right

    They desperately wanted a black man in the Superbowl

    Jon Jonas

    Black quarterbacks always lose in the NFL playoffs because the black doesn’t have the intellegence or athletic ability to win NFL playoffs games the black panics in important playoff games and they always lose in IOO years of NFL championship football 98 times the NFL championship has been won by a white quarteback that is the truth the black is a loser by design and are mentally unfit for quarterbacking !


It’s a Quarterbacks dream to tackle the guy that intercepted your pass

    Soda King

    Nah the dream is to throw a touchdown pass to yourself like Marcus Mariota did

    Joddy J

    jk_saturn it’s a Quarterbacks dream to not throw an interception in the first place🤷‍♂️

    Obinna Nwakwue

    @Rowan Fernsler uhhhhh I’m sorry…but no

    Rowan Fernsler

    Obinna Nwakwue r/whoooosh

    B P

    And to not throw interceptions


And the upset begins 😈

    Better than your boy

    Michael Scot not really. It’s an upset because they were the one seed no matter who the better team is

    Michael Scot

    @Better than your boy …just because they were the number 1 seed doesn’t mean they were the better team…they got beat in their house by the better team

    Bon Paoi

    Hi 👋u

    Better than your boy

    Michael Scot literally just said it doesn’t matter who’s the better team. They were one seed and they beat really high level teams. And the ravens are the better team. If Tennessee can go all the way then they were a better team but if not I’m still giving it to the ravens. Please stop messaging me

    Anthony Aveni

    Yeah, ravens suffered a hard reality today. There was an Afc team more hungry & talented than the ravens. Boo-hoo😭😭

James K

Funny they find a way to talk about Lamar even though he got picked off

    A P

    Hussein Rizk he threw it too high what are you talking about lol

    A P

    Remainder He literally didn’t even legally tackle him


    @A P He had to throw high because of the Titan’s spy in the middle of the field. Open your eyes he jumps as lamar throws. He put it in a place his receiver could catch it, dude missed the catch. It happens and will go down as an INT but any QB coach will say that’s a well placed ball.

    A P

    @hammersbaseball11 Choked either way.


    @A P Lmao gotta change the argument now. Sure he didn’t get it done. Not arguing that at all. He still 365 pass and 143 rush yards ain’t bad though. Titans played a damn good game how about we talk about that too. Derrick Henry rushing for 195? They controlled the clock and took advantage of the turnover, set the tone, and got it done. They’re going to be a tough out.


How is this impressive he didn’t even tackle him properly

    friendly Jew

    He’s a fukin QB bro Jesus

    Better than your boy

    Mr Wright Sr lmao dudes big wtf you mean


    -Z3us – the title don’t say personal foul


    Hes the goat I guess cause he throws a pick and makes a shitty tackle ..


    @Mr Wright Sr He had to strangle him just to pull him down so idk what you think was impressive there

Mr. Mcringle

They even make his interceptions all about him

    run Caz

    @Mario M Overhyped? I watched him hand my Pats their first loss of the season. He’s not overhyped.


    frfr, I’m a fan of his but this is ridiculous.

    run Caz

    @that’s right He’s the MVP for the regular season 2019-2020. That’s why they have to. Nothing to do with skin color. But it drives you crazy and maybe THAT’S all about his skin color.

    that's right

    @run Caz maybe you didn’t listen to all of the morning talk shows? Trust me it was all about race for them. The undefeated even wrote an article about this being the year of the black QB.

    Starvation Kills

    run Caz so every time someone tackles someone they deserve a highlight? They didn’t even mention the DB that got the int in the title which the video should have been about.


I like how instead of calling it ‘Kevin Byard interception,” it’s ‘LaMaR jAcKsOn mAkEs tAcKlE oN oWn iNtErcEpTiOn.’

    Jon Collins

    Always talking him up no matter what. They’re a vulnerable team just like any.


    Sergio Moralez true

    you're right

    What a great play by Lamar.

    Micah Turner

    Animelytical you so aalty


NFL is like in love with Lamar

    Mike Fitzpatrick

    @Slim Vickins agreed


    Rodd Cayton kaepernick triggers middle aged white men

    run Caz

    Yes, the NFL is in love with him, and deservedly so.

    run Caz

    @GrahamVisual Good one, and true.

Wyeth Purkiss

Anyone here when Tannehill throws his 2nd td on his 2nd pass attempt

    Ruda Al-kafagi

    Wyeth Purkiss me but who do u think will vs the titans in there next game


His next madden card Is gonna have a higher tackle stat then my whole defense

    Elk Blood


    PugPlayer 2007

    OOP 99 Tackling and Hit power, with 99 speed MLB Lamar Jackson

    Bon Paoi

    Hi 👋

Clutch-Mode productions

Marcus Mariota really helped Tennessee prepare for this game

Jon M

Throws interception, commits a penalty, yet it’s still all about the Jackson 😂 NFL version of Lebron

    Joe urquiola

    Jon M literally mahomes last year jackson next year whos next 😅


    @Joe urquiola Mahomes is WAY better than Jackson.


Dudes getting exposed so far

    SmithN' Wesson

    @Jimbo 03 umm he has Maquise Brown who is fast as hell and gets open all the time. Lamar has to use his legs he gets into trouble if they make him pass. He coukdnt even complete 56 percent of his passes. Once the teams figure out how to stop his option runs he may become RG3 all over

    Better than your boy

    SmithN’ Wesson exactly what I said. The new RG 3/ cam

    Bon Paoi

    Hi 👋h


    @SmithN’ Wesson or worse Kapernick and Cam Newton

    Norman VanScoy

    @Jimbo 03 When the Philadelphia Eagles lose, everyone blames Carson Wentz and calls him trash. But when the Ravens lose, everyone gives Lamar excuses? Shut up

Aidan Dudinyak

Even when he makes a mistake the NFL calls it a highlight


    Umm.. it’s a highlight because it helps the other team and impacts the game.

    Ryan Kinney

    Kaizaro123 the point he’s trying to make is instead of saying “Titans intercept Lamar Jackson” they have to make it seem like Lamar did something good


    @Ryan Kinney Yes, I know that.

AT Tatara

How do you horse collar tackle someone after a interception and its a highlight 🤣


    AT Tatara poor call

Jorge Martinez

You mean “Lamar Jackson intercepted by Kevin Byard.”

Daniel Lee

Imagine if they made horsecolar tackling auto ejection


    it should be honestly. Its intent to harm and illegal.

Marcus Watson

He literally got a penalty for the way he tackled him😂😂 and they still made this video about Lamar


    Naw clean tackle because his hand never grabbed the inside of the jersey like they called

    David Tristan

    @TheFamouspo do you know what horse-collar tackle is?? He literally grabbed him by the neck. Stop being a salty sore loser.

    Marcus Watson

    David Tristan lol I literally ref and watch football. I was more just laughing to myself about how they made this video about Lamar even though his tackle wasn’t even a tackle. It was a penalty. A penalty called a horse collar if for some reason I have to name it in a YouTube comments section where everyone knows what I’m talking about.

    Marcus Watson

    David Tristan I added a sentence so it’s a little easier to understand what I meant. I thought everyone would be seeing all the other comments about the same thing and just assume it’s what I was talking about. Guess not 😂


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Season summary: not bad for a running back

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