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Lamar Jackson had a good year

    Robinson Pittman

    Not better than a randall cunningham. If randall cant win first……then nobody deserves it.


    @Robinson Pittman lamar jackson is better than Randall cunningham

Carter Rickman

Great season ended too soon

    Kayden Camp

    @19-Year Old Veteran he’s better than Jackson will ever be

    19-Year Old Veteran

    Kayden Camp Jackson had more multiple TD pass games than in a season than Flacco ever did. Not to mention the fact that Lamar threw for a league high 36 TD passes.

    Carter Rickman

    @19-Year Old Veteran some people man…

    SJHS 5th

    Just wasn’t ready, gonna be better next year

    Cam Matthew


Daniel Gonzalez III

Bro and people already hating on him again just cause he lost bro like cmon he’s a humble guy and y’all need to grow up

    Gee アップ

    Daniel Gonzalez III it’s the internet people have nothing better else to do 😂

    Buddah Mathematics

    It’s only his second year, so it’s understandable that he lost

    Allen V

    he’s honestly so humble, he doesn’t talk smack, when lineman and players are down he’s the first one to help them back up

UK Noah

Sad it ended for him like that




Still proud of my quarterback #MVP

    Davonta Action

    @aaron wind go watch your trash anime.

    Paweł Petek

    @aaron wind
    36 passing TDS, which is the most in the league this season. Not bad for a runningback.

    Simply Trolled




Mike Davy

He was humbled, great learning curve. If and when he gets his arm right its over.

    Owen West

    He already has an arm

    Chris Nguyen

    @Afrika Rising Africa belong to China already.

    Simply Trolled

    @William Demby If you are trying to imply he isn’t humble, you are a moron. Please don’t ever comment again.


    Ain’t that what you said last year when he choked?

Breyden Ruo

As a Ravens fan, what happened still stings. But we good, we comin back blazing. If there’s one thing good that came out of this, is that the bandwagon fans are gone.

    Robinson Pittman

    Lamars just a great running back. Good job guys.

Dave Snyder

Baltimore has love for this man no matter what. Thank you for bringing us such a special season, Lamar. I know you’re going to get a ring soon.


    Dave Snyder ima come back to this in a couple of years

    Dave Snyder

    Pride be my guest.

    Chris Nguyen

    @Dave Snyder Go back to Africa dude

TheRealEggplant 127

Next year will be his year I just know it!

    Chris Paul point god

    There’s always the pro bowl.. hesrd they had 9 ravend voted in

    TheRealEggplant 127

    I’m not saying he didn’t have a great year, I’m just saying next year will be better.

    Bonk Caesar

    @Chris Paul point god His 2nd year

Kwame Mofokeng

He’ll be alright. The team just needs to regroup and improve their gameplan


This guy is gonna be great. The good thing is he has time on his side to make up for his playoff failures. Good luck my guy

wheels 899

2 seasons, 2 division titles, and now people are coming out of the shadows ready to call him a running back again

    My Life Is A Lie

    Easy to win the worst division in the NFL. The Browns, the Bengals, and a has been Steelers team is extremely easy competition.

    Derrick Smith

    @Luciano Souza Ienny yes but wait until he gets injured running around like that

    Luciano Souza Ienny

    @Derrick Smith we will see…

    Kevin Paul

    How is he even a rb? Look at how he runs. He’s the most unconventional player ever. Reminds me of a young Randal Cunningham but a better release


MVP Easily. The amount of hate this guy gets is ridiculous. Humble kid and very fun player to watch. Hope he does well in his career.

Brotherly Love Productions

A great player and I can’t wait to see how many more insane seasons he has in his career! Future is bright in Baltimore!

    Robinson Pittman

    NONE……the blueprint is out. That’s how it is. Just another black running quarterback.


    Robinson Pittman stfu

    My Life Is A Lie

    He’s done for


    A future of choking in the playoffs? Welcome to the club buddy.

Mr. Miracle

What a sad ending to one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen.

    Rayner Coslop

    if by sad you mean near damn hilarious

    Chile Gaming

    Rayner Coslop ur that guy


The most hated MVP in NFL history. Sad part is he’s a good guy that mine his business

    Brian Fike

    I love your race baiting tears. All blacks do is cry. Pathetic.


    SpoofyGreenGhost Peyton Manning threw 55 TDs from straight ducks. A perfect spiral don’t matter


    Brian Fike Lol ok white boy so tell me why Mitch Trubisky got drafted over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Let’s hear your bullshit

    Simply Trolled

    @Cory Fessenden Who knew the blueprint to beating the Ravens was to rest Lamar for 3 weeks. Won’t make that mistake again!


No matter what happened out there we still love you homie

    Robinson Pittman

    blueprint is out on him. Rest in piss baltimore. Its a wrap.

    XO XO

    @Robinson Pittman they went 14/2 🤔


    Robinson Pittman well if the blueprint was to make him total over 500 yards I’m all for it

david edbrooke-coffin

Everyone loses at some time, it’s how you learn from it that counts. I’m sure he will and come back well next year. Seahawks fan.

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