Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson Discuss Pro Bowl Practice, College | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson Discuss Pro Bowl Practice, College | Baltimore Ravens

AFC Pro Bowl QBs Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson discuss why Lamar chose Louisville and the plan for practice with Ravens QB coach James Urban.

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Granados Hector

AFC gonna win

    Soa Raven52

    Granados Hector yes “Blee Dat”- Lamar Jackson

JoJo M

Ayy first again

love you lamar jackson
no HOMO!

F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

They rlly chillin I love it behind the scene everyone’s friends

    Joe King

    Not really

    F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

    Joe King u know what I mean

Augie N.

Two great quarterbacks who deserved to go deeper into the playoffs.


    @Michael Baby Give him better a better coach and guaranteed he would have. If you watched that game it was all coaching

    Matrix Theory

    Michael Baby Watson don’t play defense

    Michael Baby

    Matrix Theory he do play offense they need to score 1 more time And he couldn’t do that plus chief defense is not even that good.

    Toni Montana

    @jeoh93 ‘A fairytale of the black Trubisky’ will end once Billy O’ leaves Houston. Even Hoyer managed to make play-offs with him. TB12’s coach isn’t good enough for him?


    @Toni Montanamy favorite O’Brien apologist. To compare Watson to Trubisky is just stupid. You cannot put O’Brien in the same category as Nagy. Nagy put his qb in every situation to succeed. I will concede O’Brien is a good qb developer. He is downright awful at coaching during the game and developing an offense. Absolutely no rhythm in the offense and requires Watson to make a miracle play. Let’s look at your argument about Hoyer: 1. weak AFC south with almost all teams having a losing record 2. qb controversy that was mishandled. 3. 30-0 bagel during the playoff game with 5 turnovers. You are downright delusional if you think TB12 was coached up by O’Brien. I was O’Brien’s fan in the beginning, but after seeing how poorly he’s mishandled Deshaun the last couple years i can’t support him. Maybe he had success with the “play to not lose” mentality with those other mediocre qbs. That mentality was fine for a 9-7 season. But you cannot play that way when you have Deshaun as your qb and you have a complete roster on offense.

Jordan Davis

Lamar,Watson, and Mahomes are gonna have so many battles in the playoffs for the next 15 years

    Blade Runner

    @33ladyRAM that crazy athleticism just doesn’t last 15 years. Michael Jordan, Aaron Rodgers, Dywane Wade, Lebron James, Mike Vick.

    By that time he’s either retired by a few years or he’s evolved and adapted. One or the other.

    Jordan Davis

    @William Schwab Always gotta be that one guy. Lamar is gonna continue to prove you wrong


    @33ladyRAM yeah but larry Fitzgerald is no where as good as he was back then


    @Shaqdashooter HK Even if he does half of what he did this past year, he will still be better than those smucks (QB) picked ahead of him.

    Shaqdashooter HK

    @merle622 agreed

Jt Talks

This is awesome I’m so happy that my qb is in the pro bowl I love this team I’m so happy about this I wish my Lamar the best of luck this team I’m so happy I picked my team since 2011 this is truely amazing can’t wait for afc and Lamar to give us an amazing show

    Oscar B

    Jt Talks Houston Texans is my team. And I’ll admit I envy Lamar Jackson. He is ridiculously good and I wish y’all the best. The first time I saw him play and I thought he was a running back because he was that GOOD in running. He’s dope.

    Oscar B

    Jt Talks I got mad respect for Lamar doe. He’s dope.

    Jt Talks

    Yea I respect you and your Texans I love Watson i have been liking Watson since Clemson you got a really talented team I wish luck in the next season I wish Watson luck also it is gonna be very nice to see the pro bowl nice talking with you

Duh_itslaith jr

Lamar jackson is such a dual threat

Teams just puts out a QB spy

Lamar jackson: so you want your ankles broken huh

Nesly Merat

I luv every cover lol😆

Louie Jones

2016 clemson-louisville was great


😅😅😅💛 me some LJ and Watson. Looking forward to the game #Ravennation 👊💜💜💜


Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, and hopefully Burrow will be the change in the NFL with Wilson and Rodgers being the veterans.

    Lu Kim

    oof true but Brees not retiring, unless your thinking multiple years ahead then yeah that list

    HandleGod Brice

    Don’t sleep on kyler

aaron berhane

I’m glad lamar doing the pro bowl

The HardCount

I cannot wait for all the Watson vs Mahomes vs Jackson over the next decade in the AFC.

Ravenous Quando

Two young goats in Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson can’t forget about Patrick Mahomes

Ms Sandy

Good to see you two smiling and hanging out together! Two stars!🤩😍

bobby young

The future lamar and d Watson believe that

John Bosley

My favorite quarter backs to watch


Two great young men who so happen to be great quarterbacks in the NFL that I consider great role models.

Lorenzo Moore

Lamar Jackson


Dark Sharxx

The future looks bright

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