Kyler Murray’s Best Mic’d Up Moments of 2019 | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ej Baller123

I’m the biggest cardinal fan


That’s my Quarterback!

Aldo Nunez

I love you guys

Bosco Gamer


Aldo Nunez

I hope you guys have a way better season

Andres Garcia

Lets go 2020 vision baby💯🗣

Joe Night Owl

Football is his destiny not baseball

Martialasp 3

Finally found our franchise QB😍

Isaiah Bracamonte

2:07 he sounds like a kid hahaha

    Cardinals 23

    Isaiah Bracamonte he does lmao😂

    Joe Night Owl

    A kid that loves 🏈

NTR Luke64

Do u reply if we’re early?

Ghost Kid111

Man he gets me so excited for the future!


i started following the cardinals because of him we have a bright future

    Art Bedoya

    ? what


No wonder our O Line did better this year. He kept their confidence up.

Ares 1

So excited for the future! There isn’t a QB in the league I’d rather have than K1. He’s the truth


I love my little guy!

Fred Castro

With a good offensive line this guy will be a headache for defenses

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