Kyler Murray & Patrick Peterson Mic’d Up in Big Win vs. Browns | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

first and only. those cleats too 👀 Yo that ending with kliff was FIRE!


Second I wonder why it’s so quiet

IShoot OppsI K

3rd. it’s cold in here

Isaiah Smith

Kyler gonna take the league by storm next year

    Beau Peterson

    Isaiah Smith I hope so! So much potential!


this was the best wired so far. great video. I love my cardinals. ride or die


BirdGANG 🙏

That dude Joe

Baker:”I still hate you..” 😂 guys are good friends.

Alexander Jiang

Damn. Best video yet. Plz make more!!

stigandr the warlord

Let’s go bird gang we getting out of the basement next year and getting our divison

Jeremy Ott

This video brought a legit smile to my face. The locker room scene is amazing.


When this team learns how to win. Look out NFL

chris bikin

I think that David raih hire was a good one. Dude always seems to be around Murray and is always saying something positive.

Beau Peterson

I can’t wait to see Kyler’s future and progress. I wish nothing but the best!


Great to finally see and hear some emotion from this team as rookie KM finds his leadership voice going into 2020. Love it!

Andrew Nelson

This team makes me so happy win or lose

Ryan Carrizal

13:16 Fitz wanting Drake to score for a 5th time and keep adding to his already historic performance shows just one of the many reasons why he’ll be remembered as such a legendary player

    Lionel Sanchez

    Kyler should have listened it was probably Fitz last home game

Andrew Larson

That high five from Bidwill at the end shows me he’s committed to Kliff, hopefully this means he will fire Keim and get us a great GM and roster. We can be real good next year if this happens

xavier lopez

Always knew my boy Peterson could put the clamps on Beckham 🔥🔥

Kody Nez

This is the Pat Pete I know and love, we need more of this! Next year we need to get play makers through the draft and FA. Come on Steve Keim, you have to score the big one next year.

Ares 1

Going to be an absolute UNIT in the league coming real soon..I smell SB

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