Kyle Allen says same things keep shooting team in the foot – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

That same this is called Kyle Allen

Rex Smith

Yes not having Cam Newton is shooting us in the foot. Kyle has massively overachieved for where he came from, but he’s not a franchise QB. Every week we do this same dance. Everyone admits well Ron got fired and we’re bad b/c we don’t have our starting QB. So everyone’s answer is somehow, to ship Cam out? Again: We trade Cam we’re in for another 2 years of this. Just let Cam get healthy, keep him for cheap and we’ll be back.


    I hope Tepper See’s it that way cuz he was pissed in that suite today.

Underground Wes

Kyle you are a big part of the “shooting in the foot. “

Tee Tee

Hold on to the ball! I’m tired of you


    I chuckled when I read your comment, I feel the same way !


Somebody please take that gun from Allen cause he is shooting too many games in the foot like 5 straight times

jocelyn ackerman

Start Grier

    Tee Tee

    They’re not going to. They just said Allen is starting next week. I’m starting to think we wasted a draft pick with Grier, because they’re sticking with the turnover king.


    Tepper must be starting a bakery! !! Gotta make sure them turnovers are fresh every Sunday! !

Rick Trill

Will Grier time! We’ve seen all we need to see from Allen!

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    With only three more games left there’s no point


T henni?

God Of Blackness

“Rebuild is NOT a dirty word, Relax… #REBUILD2020 ON TEP!!

    Underground Wes

    ON TEP!!

BlackDaRipper 82

Don’t want to hear nothing you have to say…what keeps shooting us in the foot is you…over it…give will a shot

The Watcher

The thing I can’t stand about Allen is he absolutley does not go through his progressions. Hike…eye’s his target throws like dude stop forcing reads….smh 🙄 So frustrating. Some guys are career backups. I say sit our starters and and let practice squad, backups get reps. Just imagine our already injury plagued roster if Shaq, DJ, Luke, or Cmac gets injured playing a pointless game?😳 We playing for draft picks now. Throw in the towel!

Trunk khloeum

Greensboro NC. Panthers pride. Hopefully next year we be better. I still love the Panthers. Keep pounding.

Reuben Terry

Kyle Allen is a straight up trash QB

Stephen Beddard

Kyle Allen, along with everyone else who gets interviewed, “says same thing”

Bernard D. Partridge

The same thing will keep shooting you in the foot if you lack the skilled players. This team is so bad even Luke looks confused.

Justin Wills

Cam should be starter next year

    Lars Honeytoast

    Justin Wills no y’all didn’t want cam anymore

Riles 00

We need to get rid of him at the end of season, I skipped watching the game today for a reason. I do not want to see this guy play football

swxss mxsta

I reiterate my statement kyle allen’s poor decision making got Ron rivera fired. He tried to throw the ball twice to someone covered by four people. What the hell is he seeing out there?


Interceptions, fumbles, inability to make plays, 3rd down conversion, that’s what’s killing us. It’s kyle allen

Nadine Dixon

Oh no it was Ron Rivera fault … really Panthers …

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