Kenny Golladay on being selected as a pro bowl alternate – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zion Lewis

Big dawg. #OnePride

Mike McNally

That’s my guy


God man


Only Bright Spot on the Lions

    Bigfouron Casero

    Brushing 4GREATNESS Darius slay

    Brushing 4GREATNESS

    @Bigfouron Casero SHOULD OF TRADED HIM


deserves probowl selection

TG-slaymch Gaming

He’s the next Calvin Johnson

Dynamic Duo

He the next megatron

    michael carter



Amazing WR. Him and Stafford is a power connection, I’m excited to see them shred defenses next season.

Steven Kasten

Surprised he didn’t say In college it was Calvin Johnson

Tyrell isSincere

Dat boi Kenny G.

PALi friendly

so wait marvin jones and Kenny g the top 2 wideouts in nfl and nfl makes Kenny g an alternative option. face palm


    PALi friendly Detroit vs everybody

Raggs Filthy

Good job Kenny I stopped watching midway through the season …you were killing it tho

Tombond Crispy

KennyG you a beast. Keep it up.

Tombond Crispy

No one can replace Calvin Johnson. All hail Megatron!

A. 1 S

K.G. The MAN!!!! U See the 19….

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