Keenan Allen Mic’d up vs. Raiders, “I really want to play defense for us though” | Nfl Mic’d Up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sequoia Leoniak

finally 😂

Carlos Castaneda

Let’s finish the season with a dub! Bolt Up!⚡


bolt up

enTer ZoNe


Peter atwan

No matter if we lose or won chargers 4 life and get a good draft pick bolt up

    SB TV

    chargers for life no matter how bad they are

    PepsKnows Best

    SB TV yesssssir we just need a new QB.I wouldn’t mind cam newton

    SB TV

    @PepsKnows Best drew brees needs to b on the chargers again

Richard Aparicio

Bolt up 💪⚡

Vic Williams

*If burrow or herbert are still available take one and sit him under phil for one year, draft OLINE from round 2-4, and draft a WR and DTACKLE, next year its superbowl or retirement for rivers*

tamire davis

Its been a sad year. Injuries killed us we need a good draft. N our starters to remain healthy. I want a Ring sooooo bad

vashon jones

So much talent being wasted this year over selfish players and management not making power moves to win games.

Noah _032711

Please do something about our fanbase. It’s a topple effect with everyone leaving and the new generation dont like us either. Something needs to be done NOW!

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