Keenan Allen & Melvin Ingram Mic’d Up at the Pro Bowl, “I play a little quarterback” | NFL Mic’d Up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Packer Power

Everyone thought the Chargers would win the AFC West.


    @Legend__ 21 yep, we could have won it but we did too many scrimmages before the season and all of our players got hurt

    Legend__ 21

    @Eyeballz205 exactly bro, we better not do any scrimmages this year

    Peter atwan

    Legend__ 21 ye it was the play calling and the injuries for example DJ3 was missing that was huge and missing Mike Badlgey was a actully big too he was like our best kicker in this decade

    Legend__ 21

    @Peter atwan big facts bro, we literally lost most of our games by 7 or less points and those injuries to our key players is the reason why we have the 6th pick now, but we just gotta take advantage of our draft position and build our o line up⚡💯


Chargers Super Bowl 55 Champs✊🏽✊🏽


    Shhhhhhhh Dont spoil it yet I need to get good odds first !




    @Sandiegochargers85 😂😂😂

    Yeeterson Peterson

    Ok buddy😂😂

    Jeff Baker

    Melvin gordon bout to go crazy

Legend__ 21

Congrats to Melvin and Allen⚡💯, but I can’t stop thinking about rivers and the fact that Joey bosa said he wanna go play with his brother on the 49ers…how y’all feel about that?…should we trade bosa before he leaves?🤔

    UrMomIsCool Uuu

    Legend__ 21 yes like give him to the bengals

    Ryan Duffy

    Don’t get rid of Joey, just bring Nick here lol


    Yeah, I don’t want his years to be wasted on the chargers like Tomlinson, Gates, and Rivers.

    Legend__ 21

    @Ryan Duffy that’s gonna be tough lmao


    Joey never said that .

Ryder Nalick

Let’s go BOLTS!!!!

Edgar Villa

Keenan is such a vibe bro 😂💯🤙🏽

Ryan Duffy

I’m bummed Phil couldn’t make it to the pro bowl this year… makes the whole thing a little less interesting

    George Kolotouros

    He was too busy trying to move his family to florida.

    Ryan Duffy

    @George Kolotouros bro the pro bowl is in Florida lol

Victor Cortez

The porcelain doll made the pro bowl? Lmaoo

JT Young

Yo we be getting slept on but next year we’re gonna show up

Doris Burke

There’s going to be no Chargers in the pro bowl next year though!🏆🏆🏆

    Yeeterson Peterson

    Doris Burke ok buddy😂


    @Yeeterson Peterson he’s talking about they going to Superbowl lol.

Joseph Sisneros

The disrespect to mike williams! Rivers gots to go! Mike is underrated cause of phils poor playing! Smfh. That man is a pro bowl caliber player. Each n every year.

    fonsie 32

    Sure blame phil even though pur o line was non existent and we had too many injuries




    Can we make this a thing #WeWantPhilBack

Kyle Grunert


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