Kadarius Toney’s FIRST Interview as a Giant | Giants Draft Kadarius Toney – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kadarius Toney’s FIRST Interview as a Giant | Giants Draft Kadarius Toney

Kadarius Toney's first interview as a New York Giant after the team took him in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, presented by MetLife. Watch the NFL Draft all weekend long on NFL Network; Draft-A-Thon on NFL.

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New York Giants

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    Hi giants 😀🏈

    Buck Sorensen

    pro tip : watch movies at flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.

    Starla Heffernan

    @Buck Sorensen yup, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself 😀

Henny God

For all the casuals that think this is a bad pick go watch the tape, this guy has unreal potiential

    bazooka monk

    @Glenn Yates you right he is not the fastest but look at his separation

    Keith Falconer

    It’s ridiculous…. obj type change of direction, stop/start

    Ryan Waters

    @Glenn Yates I get you, but understand that there was this EXACT reaction to the OBJ draft pick as well.


    @Justin Hyatt oh hell yes. Doesn’t matter how good he is if Jones doesn’t have enough time to throw him the ball.

    Leo palmisciano

    @Glenn Yates *4.39

Cookie Monster

Toney welcome to the team

Lawrence Rivera

Wishing nothing but the best for him! Welcome to the GIANTS!!! GMEN All Day‼️‼️🔴🔵


If he can take the top off the defense D Jones gonna have a field day

    Just 1 JLew

    Great think is that he won’t have to because Slayton and Ross can. He gives this offensive staff so much flexibility.


    @Just 1 JLew Agreed there. He’s not a take the top off kinda guy, he’s a get open during a scramble drill kinda guy. Hopefully he’ll be a move the chains type of guy, like a julian edelman with huge YAC upside.

    Michael Sherron

    Definitive Statement: D Jones gonna have a field day…quite a few of them actually.


Between him and saquon, there aren’t going to be any ankles left at the end of next season.

    Michael Rubin

    Him and Babytron are gonna be a problem in the NFC East

    Michael Sherron

    LOL!!! I was SMH almost feeling sorry for those defenders…GO GIANTS!!!

    Jonathan Tatum

    I watch the Alabama game he was doing the most the boy can ball

    E 21

    Broken eagle talons and cowboy spurs

    Kevin O'Neill

    The lions biting kneecaps, were bustin ankles

James Bond


Radical Edward

Underrated asf

    Hi I’m Gilbert

    they woke now 🤝🤝


I’m so happy im a gator fan and a giant fan love watching this dude im telling yall he’s a stud gonna be good go watch some tape you’ll love him WELCOME TO THE SQUAD

    Andres Beltre

    i feel the exact same way!


    I’m a Gator/Giant fan as well. Best of both worlds for us!

    kit du

    @NJ223Gaming this guy is Good

    Edgar Ramirez

    I’m sorry guys I’m a fan of the U please don’t hate me or leave me out of this one 😭😭 I’m happy we took him too!!


Super talented young man. Welcome to NY! Have a great career in Blue!!! This cat is an ankle breaker extraordinaire.

Marky McNasty

I wanted Parsons but I like the trade and the pick at 20. This young man is explosive. Welcome to Big Blue 🏉

    Johnathan Cooper

    I wanted Parsons too but we get him and whoever we get next year in the 1st round. So two good/great players instead of Parsons. Could end up being better for the Giants


    After hearing Parsons acceptance speech and how he wanted to be a cowboy im glad we didn’t get him 😅

    Kody Dunbar

    Screw Parsons

    Omega tor

    @DECEPTION I think he was really wearing blue to be a Giant. I wanted Parsons he’s a beast.

Next Gen

So glad he’s a giant! Extremely underrated man


This dude is an ankle breaker, yac master. Welcome to big blue!

Tommy Weber

Living 30 minutes away from Gainesville and having a few friends that play football there. I think this is a great pick. He has the gap to play in New York too


Was this the best pick that could have happened? No. But even then this is still a very promising talent that I feel like will surpsrise people. He was arguably the 4th best WR in the draft (maybe alongside Bateman)

And let’s not forget about that first rounder next year from Chicago


    1. Chase 2. Waddle 3. Smith 4. Baterman 5. moore 6. Dyami Brown 7. Marshall Jr. 8. Toney

jarell parker

Everyone keeps sleeping on him but watch this was good pick for us. he’s gonna ball out Welcome Aboard💪🏽

Brian Dutton

Time to get to work, be smart, be humble & be a man, hang with the right crowd. Welcome to the New York Giants, all the best to you.


    thanks dad

    marcus wooden

    Well put

Benny Wave

Toney, Shep, Golladay, Rudolph, Saquon, lets get it 💪🏿

    R.I.P OBJ

    Stayton, Ross, and maybe Engram is productive now that he’s not the #1?

    Benny Wave

    @R.I.P OBJ the offense is gonna be scary

Joseph Anthony

Yo said ” I’m trying score everytime. Like 1200 skinny dipping”. Best quote ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Derek Bury

Is it me or is Kadarius Toney’s upbeat personality just beaming off of the screen? WOW that smile and grin lights up a room. I think we may have quite the person here with a unique skill set. Go Giants

    Amadden mind

    It’s just because he’s a giant you would have found something good from anyone we picked lol

    Derek Bury

    @Amadden mind That’s right, trying to be positive. Even with out the player, it is a good trade.

    Matt Hogg

    There were testimonials at the Senior bowl that his personality was electrifying and magnetic.


    He is a skinny version of Strahan. lol.

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