Juszczyk Dives into the End Zone for 49ers 1st TD! | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joseph The goat

49ers against ticks down let’s go

Carlos Myers

That boy 32 got scared lol

    William S

    Long game. Gotta pick your plays


    @carlos Myers did you see the 2 tackles of this drive tyrann was all over the ball. Even when he almost got laid out by the lead blocker on the first play of this drive.
    Honey badger ain’t scared lol


    Carlos Myers facts

    tonya boyd

    He did not want that problem lol

    Pancho Villa

    Straight out


Rigged he could’ve at least stopped him. Like he was payed to step aside.

    that neega

    How about you be in the end zone with juice coming full speed speed see how that works out for you lol

Michael Knorr

Lets go 49ers


LINK DO JOGO : superbowlliv20.blogspot.com?sbliv
Assistir 49ers vs Chiefs superbowl LIV En Vivo

Rewind Dat

I got chiefs?

Keith Hill

Let’s go 49ers

    Comm’s Bizarre Adventure

    @Anime Philosophy You are a poopy head!11

    Juana Angon



    Keith Hill lmao 😂

    The King Mansplainer


The King Mansplainer

Always nice to see a fullback getting a TD in the super bowl that’s a site getting rarer and rarer.

Luna .1

He could of had him tf


Kielce~Kielce for ever go for it !!!


Let,s go 49 team get to winn this game boys

Jonathan Tsang

10-10 does low score favour 49ers or Chiefs?


I love how he yeets him self in the in zone

Toby Toby

Everyone saying Jimmy is bad but look at that throw

    Philly Jackson

    Eh, in a tight window. He’s lucky enough it wasn’t incomplete.

P Bro

● *DEAD* StormSHOW‎ : he has been banned
Zyphurr is joining the Terrorist force
● *DEAD* Zyphurr‎ : yes

Ansel Lee

I have the football card kyle juszczyk


44 seconds long and his number is 44 hmm

john mayfield

Prediction 24-27 with a personal four. Mark my words

Dona Jackson

Thanks for posting I do not have the game so I’m searching for all plays

Yadiel Ventura

Hi, im from the future. The 49ers lose.

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