JuJu is a full participant at Thursday’s practice, Conner, Coach Butler, Coach Fichtner on Jets – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

JuJu is a full participant at Thursday’s practice, Conner, Coach Butler, Coach Fichtner on Jets

Missi Matthews provides a practice report, updates on player injuries, and breaks down what James, Conner, Coach Butler and Coach Fichtner said in their media sessions and more.

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Does anyone know why there is no Thursday night football tonight?🤔


    no clue guess they dont want to do it late season they have games on sat tho

    CC Jay Playz

    Because there are 3 games on Saturday, I think that’s why

    Rashaad Horne

    That’s every year.. The Thurs before Christmas they play on Saturday

    Bernard Bernard

    Saturday FBALL

kevin rivera

PS4L let’s get this W


Fichtner not stepping up and taking responsibility as usual

    MacDonald Berger With Berger King Foot Lettuce

    DavidEric1414 I can’t stand him they need to fire him! Horrible play calling! Every other play he runs a wildcat or something!

Brian Erney

What about juju is clear to play on Sunday against new york jets?

    Zechariah Barajas

    Brian Erney do you not like watch or what lmao

    Brian Erney

    Don’t understand your question what do you mean by that?

Snow Man

I hope Donnie Shell gets into the Hall of Fame because it well over due.

jose ramos

I can tell you what makes my D so effective

    Marc Derogatis

    Lol its all about the penetration

    jose ramos

    Marc Derogatis it’s important that you continue to penetrate until the whistle blow


We’re gonna be hurt without joe Hayden

El Nino

Fire Fitchner

Jimmy Fowler

Coach Fitz. Can you please use the TE’s in this game up the seam? Damn.


Fichtner seems like a really nice guy and all but damn is he clueless.

    MacDonald Berger With Berger King Foot Lettuce

    Hawkins97 I know he needs fired! Every other play is a wildcat or something!

Johnny Pastrana

Donnie Shell deserves to be in the HOF…end of story…the man was a force at strong safety…one of my favorites of all time.

Damon Gibson

Fire this OC he can’t call plays for anything


Randy fichtner isn’t a good OC

Neubian Sosa

So Randy knows we can win every game if we protect the football, but yet he throws the ball on 70% against the #2 rated pass defense in football with an undrafted rookie QB ? Mind you, this number 2 pass defense is the #17 run defense and we just got back our best RB! SMH if Randy isn’t relieved of his duties after this Idk what our goals are anymore!

MJ Partyof7

Come on Juju!!! We need ya buddy 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

    Jamal Thomas

    I only want to see him playing if he’s 100%

Jacob Gonzalez

Joe is on the injury report !?!? No!! We need him

Jacob Gonzalez

1:36 why does her head move every time Randy looks at her and then stops when he looks away lol it’s like a bobble head

Kevin Carter

Self awarness realize what you have that’s two rookie quarterbacks. James Conner jaylen Samuel not rookies use them.

George Coull

Shell should already be in the HOF

Light Iverson

Does Fichtner game plan the day of with the way our offense be looking

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