Josh Perkins is Grateful for His Opportunity to Shine | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Johny Briones

I feel that he can become a star

Eagles are better Don’t doubt the truth

Boston scot deserves more Perkins also

one day

We have a great TE trio its like 2017 with ertz, celeck, burton

northdakota momma

Better than Jeffrey and Agholor!


Keep saying to put him as outside WR. He’s faster and just as big as Alshon

Nico Capp

maybe this is the guy carson needs out there someone that has the same religious mentality and just consistent

    Trey Lorinza



    they all religious but yeah this guy needs some more gametime

Beef Testosterone

Huge fan of this young man. Expecting big things

Charles Dead

Percolating Perkins ! 💚

Jekyll Hyde

*Reminded Me Of Jason Avant In That Game Against The Giants…*

Matt w

It’s sad but we need some young guys to show some hunger and drive this offense, let’s go birds!

Eric Jenkins

Keep your vision Perk and the game is yours.💯


The lights are definitely going to get brighter for Perkins, and this team down the stretch! I can feel it!
I’m Proud of these guys fighting for a spot! You can tell they’re hungry, and HUNGRY DOGS RUN FASTER!!

Fly Eagles Fly

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