Josh Jacobs Delivered as a Rookie | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Jacobs Delivered as a Rookie | Las Vegas Raiders

To celebrate running back Josh Jacobs' 22nd birthday, check out highlights from his 2019 rookie campaign.

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    Souledout RC

    Cisco I agree bro love this kid



Jeremiah Lee


    ThA MAN C MAcK


    ThA MAN C MAcK

    But it was “Year of the black quarterback.”

    ThA MAN C MAcK




NFL Matchup Highlights

Like if he’s getting 1,200+ yards next year

    ibee thatoneguy

    I see him breaking some rushing records for career

Brandon Curley Jr

I just love the way JOSH “”JUGGERNAUT”” JACOBS play… I wish he wouldn’t have got his shoulder hurt… But I know each year in the pros he going to get more stronger and knowledgeable of the game. I’m glad he’s on our side the dark side “”Raider Nation 4 Life””


Josh really should have Won the OROY Award but it was “year of the black QB. “

Ricardo Duran


Carlos •カルロス

This kid is special

The Dez Life

Happy birthday!!! 🥳 Josh jacobs 28

Joshua scott

I have his Jersey I also have mad maxx Jersey go raiders

Manny Flo

Josh Jacobs got robbed for rookie of the year

    Brandon Curley Jr

    You Know damn well no one in the NFL wants to see RAIDER NATION SUCCEED… That’s why refs are always giving us penalties…

Manny Flo

I put the team on my back⚔☠⚔


Imagine if he played all 16 games 💀💃


    Prince-Kayson We woulda made the playoffs

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

carr is gonna waste Jacob’s career 🤷‍♂️😂

    kamui Cage

    Naw if Carr is a Raider in 2020 im pretty sure Gruden and Mayock will draft a young guy to sit until he’s needed. Cant go into the season with Peterman, Kiser, or Glennon

Real Richmond

Carr is going to need a reciever in order to keep his job, if not “carr is totaled!”

Mitchell Vang

JJ was robbed from Offense Rookie of the Year

Noah Smith

Happy birthday 2 8

Joseph Mendes

My favorite touchdown of the year was josh leaping into the end zone against the bears with Alec leading the way. RN

    Gregorio Gonzalez

    I was holding my breath he didn’t get hurt on that one, but it was dope!

ozzyandthedoors #JoshJacobs#RPOTY

I cant believe Murray won over this kid….Jacobs is the real deal.

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