Jordan Fuller is “A Lot Like John Johnson III” | Inside the Draft (Episode 7) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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B.T. Productions Reply

Let’s go Rams!🐏

Marquis Kids Reply


Bananarama Reply

loved it

EDP'S Pet Owl Reply


    Jesse Stanley Reply

    Have you seen our schedule? I’m going to be shocked if we go worse than 10-6

    Araceli Correa Reply


TheUnknownBrick Reply


    Bruceleeroy #Seekthelight&truth Reply


    Chuck Lloyd Reply


Ascend Bmo Reply

is cam akers going to play in preaseason?

    RichvaleTV Reply


    Jackson Scott Reply

    Probably but not to much

Jeff Trulli Reply

Our secondary is absolutely stacked

Bruceleeroy #Seekthelight&truth Reply

JJ43 is in is own category top 5 safety in the league can’t compare to a rookie yet

    Volaly Vosauce Reply

    Facts. Hope they’re not trying to trade away John Johnson already.

    Jackson Scott Reply

    Why? Saying the two players compare in play style and physical attributes doesn’t mean they are saying he is going to be that good. For example Jordan Love is compared to Mahomes but no one thinks he will be as good as him

    Araceli Correa Reply

    Nick scott on way out.

Nicholasthegamer Reply


Chuck Lloyd Reply

I’m trying not to get too excited about these rookies. Hopefully they can live up to these hype videos. We’ll see. Remember it took John Johnson and Taylor Rapp a while to develop and they’ll probably be playing on special teams.
But of course, GO RAMS!!!

Henrik Reply

Pick 199 πŸ‘€

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