John Harbaugh’s Season-Ending Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh’s Season-Ending Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh speaks with the media a few days after the Ravens' divisional playoff loss to review the game and 2019 season, and look forward.

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Ravens forever. Hope team and Lamar will learn from this experience and grow.


Just getting over the loss, couldn’t watch any football since leaving M&T. I’m ready for 2020-2021 coach. Raven for life!

    Grizz NArdo

    What football ? 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Arrowsverse /gaming

    pt42sundevils same I didn’t even wana here abt people talking about it I litterly cried when it happened but I hope we have a better season this time

    Kryptic ZER0_F3AR

    Im hyped for next season

Tannic FN

Only REAL fans still watch these 💪


    FACTS…or the haters and hypocrital trolls but they can come and hate all they want…we haven’t done anything yet! #Ravennations 4 LIFE

    Jovhonte Jones


    Jordan Raynor

    Tannic FN 💯

    Kryptic ZER0_F3AR


    Shannon Wells

    Right and real fans don’t blame Lamar for the loss either. Because it’s a team sport and no one showed up

Creighton Chaney 1941

Well, there’s always next season
Quoth the Ravens Baltimore 🖤😢💜


    I love that

calba coller

It was a great season. I loved seeing the improvement in the Ravens. WIth Lamar, they became a high energy team that was a joy to watch. I hope that lessons are learned from the last game, because the Ravens could have won it. SHOULD have won it. But that’s the NFL. GO RAVENS!

JJ Smith

Miss watching my Ravens already! love this team!! 💜

Yeshua Dean

I love how john dropped them stats on other HOF qb’s and their playoff experiences people dont seem to be able to remember anything nowadays when they refer to lamar🤔

    Shannon Wells

    They don’t wanna remember because they get joy outta discrediting him

Matt D

Most embarrassing loss we’ve ever had. Albeit that first Titans TD was definitely not a catch & we didn’t have sideline communications for their 2nd TD.


    Game was rigged

    JSway 24

    Matt D I swear I thought that first catch was very questionable

    JSway 24

    An that horse caller tackle on Lamar? That was not a horse caller … also Lamar got hit waaay late when he fell to the floor an nothing was called

C.T.B Cool

Bounce back going be crazy 💜🖤🙏




Class Act.

Charles Oh

I give respect to John Harbough despite our painful loss and very good season… I believe in this team and organization and look forward to a great 2020-2021 season! GO RAVENS!

Charm Groovy

Please Go After Some Wide Receivers that Can catch and perform in the clutch PLEASE!!!!

    Rexy 1776

    We just need a big possession guy to compliment Hollywood. Snead can stay around as a third guy. Roberts can sit on the bench or go idc.


    Rexy 1776 Snead is important, he is def a third option, Hollywood should be used in the slot more and become an Edelman style player, and yes you’re right they need an established number 1

    Jay Mar

    @Rexy 1776 chiefs don’t have that type wr cause they got kelce Andrew’s was no where to be found that game smmfh

    JSway 24

    Rexy 1776 😂😂 Roberts was trash … we def need a true #1. It’s too easy to key In in Hollywood. He’s to small, easy to throw him off an shut him down by playing physical.. If we have true #1 taht will take pressure off of Hollywood

    JSway 24

    Jay Mar Andrews is overrated. To me. I dnt wanna hear his injury as an excuse. I think the moment was def too big for all the dam receivers/tigh ends not named Hollywood

Brandon Davis

We didn’t even have tavon young .. man secondary is deep

Devin Best

We’ve all seen every super bowl now we want to see the super bowl in 2020 and 2021 season go Ravens for life

Jovhonte Jones

No need to apologise coach we gonna ride or die wit the team. Big Truss

    Shannon Wells

    Yessir!!!! Ravens for life!!!!


What a shame that professional sports are rigged

    Nathaniel Wright


    Kryptic ZER0_F3AR


Lewis 970

I love the Ravens and I’ve always liked Harbaugh, but right now I can’t forgive him for burying Gus Edwards after he ripped off a 19 yard run early in the game. The coaching sucked last Saturday night, and the only player who actually showed up was Hollywood.


    Lewis 970 dude thank you! I told my buddy as the game was going on they will come back if they Gus and hurst more involved…they literally gave both 2 opportunities all game and one scored a touchdown and the other was averaging 9 yards a carry…that pissed me off, coaching wasn’t there and they got frazzled being out scored that bad

    Shannon Wells

    I hope next season Hayden is more involved and Boykins. We have talent we just didn’t use them enough. I hope they resign Gus because he’s a young star as well.

JSway 24

It’s all Jon’s harbaugh fault smh. He didn’t adjust the gameplan


It’s all good coach we’ll bounce back next season. I couldn’t be more excited about the future and our super bowl window that is just opening. Ravens Flock forever!

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