John Harbaugh Shares Ravens’ Bye-Week Plans | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh Shares Ravens’ Bye-Week Plans | Baltimore Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about the start of a new (playoff) season, the team's mentality with the No. 1 seed, and coordinator interviews this week.

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1st 💙ravens

    Liu Kang Kixx

    DNT X MUTE black n purple hearts my boi 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿


    Liu Kang Kixx mb bro💜

    Liu Kang Kixx

    DNT X MUTE nah u good ijs lol R4L 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

Ninety Nine

COTY. Simple!


i think you guys need to change the thumbnail😂

    Prowler Digital

    what was it?? lol


    Prowler Digital it says lamar jackson press conference

    Jacob Robinson

    @zack i just saw that now

    M L

    Facts lmao

    Ninety Nine

    That is Lamar he’s got the flu that’s why he’s that pale

Jonny Guapo

They listened! Finally can hear lol

    Chan Lee

    Jonny Guapo Sounds like an ASMR session with the keyboards clicking lol


“If they aren’t laughing at you, then your dreams aren’t big enough.” Big Truss!


    Myles great quote 👍🏼

    Cap One

    Good words for heading into 2020 Foresight. Dream bigger & go get it.

    William Cunningham


Dalton Exline

Coach of the year


    Hands down!

Thomas Yanosky

I love how Harbaugh puts his big truss in the Lord Almighty!!

    Julius Amaya

    God is good!!!

    Anthony Okafor

    @takeover08 that’s not god. that’s YOU

    Anthony Okafor

    @De’Aaron Rose god is as real as the tooth fairy


    Anthony Okafor Alright Mr Okafor, have a nice day.


Wait…. they gave the interviewers microphones! They listened to us!


    They did not. They’re just potting up the room mic louder during questions.


    None I’ll take what I can get

    Alec Dipietro

    None different solution but they improved nonetheless!!

    YB Smash

    righttt?! Audio was perfect this press conference! Hopefully its like this every time lol

    Johnny Alonso

    i know 🙂 so stoked!!

Cheri Hill

It’s your year! Go RAVENS!!!

    El Diablo

    Go Ravens!!

Dean Robin

Make roman stay!!! Pay him!!

    Jason Moyer

    Please do

    Peter Jean

    Dean Robin 💯💯 agree


    Roman gonna want the opportunity to get a HC job. I do believe even if he does leave the QB coach is gonna get promoted

True Son

Big Faith…Big Truss

K&A Films

I love the way John comes in every time . Not with the wasting time on point gets the obvious questions out the way and gets on with it 💯 #Bmore

Chris Green

Mics for the media!! You can actually hear the questions!!!!

Chris McKee

He needs to be coach of the year hands down

Big Bobby *

Remember when people said the ravens will go 9-7

    Charlie Proctor

    yes I remember my mother in law saying that. god IAM going to miss her

    tufgbh w

    Those ppl are dumb. This is a straight football city, we take it seriously, and throw everything we have into it..

    Liu Kang Kixx

    Charlie Proctor she’s right there wit u my boi!! Let’s go ravens!! 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

    De’Aaron Rose

    Big Bobby * nfl gave the ravens the toughest schedule. Gave the Patriots one of the easiest schedule smfh


    @Charlie Proctor your name sounds familiar do i know you ???


The flu huh, just curious any of y’all sick? I just started getting a cold yesterday :/ seems to be sweeping through MD

    scott Phipps

    Go get some AIR BORNE over the counter.


    Still shaking off the remainder of this laryngitis I had for a month smh something is definitely going around


    I got sick around Christmas. Still have the leftover cough and not feeling great. There is definitely something going around.

    Lion Thomas

    Spinach, broccoli, kale, strawberries, bananas etc……should do it

    RAM Transport LLC

    It’s in GA and PA too.

Association of Free People

“Lamar Jackson Press Conference”

YB Smash

“We got big dreams, big goals, big ambitions, big faith, and BIG TRUSS”

Coach of the Year


“If they aren’t laughing at you, then your dreams aren’t big enough”. You could name the nfl films movie that or “not bad for a running back”. Harbs always finds the right words man. He’s one of the great coaches I’m history that no one talks about. It’s not all the winning that impresses me. It’s all those times that the team was putting the practice squad on the field and still have them competitive with elite teams. BigTruss for our head coach.

Avg Vet

It’s a good thing that the Ravens has played four of the five teams already in the regular season.

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